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The New Cambridge North railway station
Great Northern class 387 126 in platform 1 at Cambridge North
Great Northern class 387 126 in platform 1 at Cambridge North station on the 20th June 2017
Cambridge now has a brand new railway station that opened on the 21st May 2017 and is called 'Cambridge North'.
This was my first visit and it was a very hot day.
Cambridge North railway station is on the railway line from Cambridge to Ely and was opened on the 21st May 2017. The station is at  Chesterton close to the Cambridge Science Park. The station is on part of the closed Chesterton Sidings site.There was a Chesterton railway station which closed in 1850 that was not to far away from the new Cambridge North station.
The Cambridgeshire Guided Busway has an an interchange point at the new staion together with Park & Ride and other local bus services. There is a large car park at the station with 450 spaces. There is also space for 1,000 cycles.
Greater Anglia class 317 883 in platform 2 at Cambridge North
Greater Anglia class 317 883 in platform 2 at Cambridge North station 20th June in 2017
Great Northern class 365525
Great Northern class 365525 in platform 3 (bay platform) at Cambridge North station 20th June in 2017
This bay is very long and made for 12 coach trains. Shorter trains of 4 and six coach were going right to the end, making for a long walk for passengers as the foot bridge is at other end of the station.
The car park still has lots of room left.
Greater Anglia class 317 883
Greater Anglia class 317 883 now in the platform 3 (bay) at Cambridge North station 20th June in 2017
'Greater Anglia' class 170203 from Norwich to Cambridge
'Greater Anglia' class 170203 from Norwich to Cambridge in platform 1 at Cambridge North station on the 20th June in 2017
Next page is at the main  Cambridge station in 2016
Next page is at the main  Cambridge station in 2016
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Cambridge North station 


Cambridge Station


Great Northern class 365511+ 365530 + 365506

'Abellio Greater Anglia' class 379 008 + 317667 + 379012

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Greater Anglia 3790 22 & the New platforms & Greater Anglia 317 505


WAGN 65533+ Anglia Railways class 70270+  WAGN 317 336 + Central Trains 158   

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