Video at the Colne Valley Railway in 2011 

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Colne Valley Railway 

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Colne Valley Railway 

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Video at the Colne Valley Railway on August Bank Holiday Monday 2011

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This video can be in seen in 720HD for those of you who have a fast conection. For those of you who have a faster conection the 1080HD setting can also be used, but this all but a pipe dream for most of us. Hopfully we shall all soon have a very fast conection!


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It was a normal Bank Holiday dull and cool but fine. There were two trains running, both of them steam one on a passenger and one a freight. You could ride in the two brake vans of the freight which gave you a close up view of the engine one way or ride in comfort on the passenger train. The children and us adults liked the ride in GWR Toad brake van with Guard turning is brake wheel and telling every one what was going on, and why he was doing it.

The Colne Valley Railway is on a section of the former Colne Valley & Halstead Railway at Castle Hedingham. It has been turned into a working railway from scratch on what was effectively just a green field site.Station buildings have been relocated together with signal boxes and bridges with all the bits needed to build a working railway. There was no station or sidings here when they started.

 Below are two of the wagons in the freight train on the August Bank holiday 2011

 Blue Spot Fish van at Castle Hedingham

 Blue Spot Fish van at Castle Hedingham

 Merfit wagon B459707 at Castle Hedingham

Merfit wagon 13T B459707 at Castle Hedingham

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About the Colne Valley Railway
Video taken ion Bank Hoilday Monday 2011 at The Colne Valley Railway.
Castle Headingham signal box