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 Kings Cross Railway Station
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'Kings Cross BR days.'
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Kings Cross
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High Speed Trains at The Cross
HSTs at Kings Cross
Two Inter-city 125s HSTs at Kings Cross.
The HSTs windows are being cleaned ready for the next journey.
Note the parcel trucks as mail was still going by rail at this time. The two parcels trucks must be left over from steam days.
The HSTs had replaced the Deltics and are still in use on the ECML today (2016) and have now new engines fitted in them. I do think this was one of the many the best paint jobs on the HSTs

HST 254 007 with the steps to clean the windows at Kings Cross station.

HST 254 007 with the steps which were made just for the HSTs for cleaning all the flies and dirt from the HSTs windows.
When the HSTs had entered service they replaced the Deltics and class 47s on the long haul journeys to Aberdeen to Kings Cross. HST only need to spend a short time at the Cross be for returning North.
In steam days the carriages would be hauled by a N2 tank into the carriage sidings and after many hours spent filling the water tanks for the toilets and cleaning up the mess left by the passengers. The buffet and restaurant car would be cleaned and fresh food removed. It would then be restocked often on the next day depending on the starting time. One set of carriages often only doing one long journey a day.
HSTs are ofen given a quick service at the stations the windows being washed and water for the WCs topped up. The Buffet stores are changed, and a quick tidy up with a team of cleaners removing the many newspapers, water and pop and beer cans, coffee cups people leave on trains . All of this while the train is in the platform.
With each HST set now doing two or three long journeys a day the HSTs will spend just a few hours at the Depot mainly at night. All the every day jobs like filling them up with diesel and the checking the oil levels will need to be done at the depot. Brake pads wheels also need to be checked and replaced as and when required to even full engine changes.
254 008 with a panel open and wires plug in between turns at Kings Cross
254 008 with a panel open and wires pluged in between turns
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