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Black 5 at March in 2011             ( page 3 of 4 )

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Black 5 45305 at March

Black 5 45305 at  March Wednesday 31st August 2011

 Black 5 45305 at March Wednesday 31st August 2011

This Class 5MT 4-6-0 number 45305 was heading for the North Norfolk Railway at Sheringham. It was to take part in its 2011 steam gala. It had come from Crewe. The class 47500 at the rear had been picked up at Melton Mowbray and was needed between Norwich and Cromer as the Black 5 would be at the rear.

Black 5 45305 is based at the Great Central Railway Loughborough.

  .. Below is a video I made of the Black 5 at March on the 31st of August 2011

You can also view this video in the full sreen. Use the button on right of the video. To return from full screen press the same button.

This video can be in seen in 720HD  for those of you who have a fast conection. For those of you who have a faster conection the 1080HD setting can also be used, but this all but a pipe dream for most of us. Hopfully we shall all soon have a very fast conection!


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