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As part of a new platform layout at Peterborough station in 2014 some of the platforms numbers have now been changed '
This bay platform that was numbered one, had its track removed in late 2013 ,as part of a new platform layout at Peterborough station. Because of this Platform 2 will now in 2014 become platform 1. 
Peterborough 1970s  till  1999 (BR)
Peterborough 2000 till 2013
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 Peterborough on this site is in now in three parts BR 1970 to 1999 and 2000 till 2014 and 2014 till today

Platform 1 in 2011

First Capital Connect 365538 on 5th March 2011

First Capital Connect 365538 on 5th March 2011 in the bay Platform 1

On Tuesday 13th December 2011 Network Rail announced a 43 million pound upgrade of Peterborough railway station starting in April 2012 and to be completed by December 2013. There is still some work going on in Febuary 2014

The old Platform 2 which is to the left in the photo above has been renumbered as the NEW Platform 1 . This will be then used for the new 12 coach Great Northern servies to South London and Gatwick Airport. The old Platform 1 the up bay platform and has been removed. This was to make what was the old platform 2 longer, now called platform number one


Platform 1 (bay platform) at Peterborough Station.
platform 1 page one

First Capital Connect 317 347  and  First Capital Connect 312408 in platform in 2012

Peterborough Platform 1 page 2

First Capital Connect 365538 on 5th March 2011 in the bay 

Peterborough Platform 1 page 3

WAGN class 317 339 in platform 1 26th of March 2005

Peterborough Platform 1 page 4

WAGN class 365508 in 2005 and WAGN 365536 in 2003   

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The bay platform that was numbered one, had its track removed in late 2013 ,as part of a new platform layout at Peterborough station. 

 There are also pages on trains in the  South of the Peterborough station in BR Blue days

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The ECML at Crown Lakes Country Park    In the Peterborough BR part use Farcet when some of the brick yards here were still open and Delticswere in use

Mainline steam at Peterborough

The Peterborough to March Line

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Peterborough Station

Platform 1 Peterborough station

 Platform 2 at Peterborough station

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Platform 4 at Peterborough station

Platform 5 at Peterborough station

The fast lines at Peterborough station

Freight loops next to the station at Peterborough

Locomotive depot near the station at Peterborough

Just to north of Peterborough station

Westwood Yard and The mainlines

ECML  and the Stamford line at Werrington

 Helpston and Lolham   2000 till 2013

  Peterborough Power Box

 Peterborough BR

Peterborough 2014-today

Nene Valley Railway


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