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UK National railway

LNER A4 60019 Bittern 4th July 2009


Heritage Railways

A4 60019 Bittern at Peterborough in platform 4 in  July 2009
LNER A4 60019 Bittern in British railways green in platform 4 at Peterborough station on the 4th of July 2009. It was running with just the one tender at this time. It looked very smart in its British Railways green.
70013 Oliver Cromwell at Peterborough in 2009.
British Railways Britannia class 4-6-2 number 70013 Oliver Cromwell comes into platform 2 at Peterborough on 28th Feburary 2009 from the up slow.
Oliver Cromwell
70013 is named Oliver Cromwell and is a a British Railways standard class 7 4-6-2 of the Britannia class. This engine is one of the National Railway Museum at York  National Collection engines.
No one in 1968 though that any or the right steam engines were going to be saved. A list of which engines that needed to be saved was made, but "Britannia" the first of the class to be built was to be the NRM engine, but in the end it was Oliver Cromwell for the NRM with "Britannia" being saved by others .
At the last day of steam on British Railways Oliver Cromwell took part in the Fifteen Guinea Special to mark the end of steam in 1968. This engine then went to Bressingham Steam & Gardens at Diss in Norfolk.
Oliver Cromwell was at Bressingham for many years till in 2004, to mark 40 years from the end of every day steam on BR, with the help of the readers of Steam Railway magazine it was overhauled at the Great Central Railway and then returned to the main line.
In 1968 no steam was going run on the main lines, but now there is at least one trip per day in the summer in the UK and there is often three trips some weekends

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