Railways around Peterborough and The National Rail Network and Heritage railways in the UK.

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Wagons At The Nene valley Railway

12T  Palvan B 778810

The Nene Valley Railway

Heritage Railways

12T Palvan B 778810 at the Nene Valley

12T  Palvan B 778810 at the Nene Valley Peterborough station during the 1960s weekend in 2005.


 12T  Palvan B 778810

This 12T  Palvan number B 778810 also at the Nene Valley Peterborough station in May 2014. The paint is coming away from the plywood body and the sun has also faded the colour

Palvan was short for pallet van. The doors were placed to the left on each side so as a fork truck could load the van. Often only one side could be  loaded from a single sided platform. These covered vans then had the load all at one end and were then prone to derail at high speeds, and got a very bad name. Later vans had doors or curtains the full length of the van so loads could be loaded evenly from only one side.

These wagons in the list below are just some of the wagons that have been saved at the Nene Valley Railway.

Nene Valley Railway wagons

Open wagons wood
Open wagons steel
Covered Vans
Tank wagons other wagons Brake vans
CWS Coal Department Manchester open no2379
Mainline ZBA DB97584
12T Banana van B881987
14T ESSO  tank wagon
17T Mackeral DB992358
20T  Brake Van B954024
Peterborough Coal & Coke Co Ltd 143288
21T hopper wagon B427960
Palvan B778810
Shark E DB 993836
20T Brake van 9300/4
12T open SHOCK wagon B721890
Mainline ZBA DB972206
12T venterated van B774874
12T open wagon S5869
ZBA DB984194
3-plank open wagon
16T Mineral wagon B595229
MOD no.4730 steel open wagon

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