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Wagons At The Didcot Railway Centre

Chaired sleeper wagon  GWS91200

The Didcot Railway Centre

Heritage Railways

Chaired sleeper wagon

Chaired sleeper wagon number GWS91200 at Didcot

close up of tops code on Chaired sleeper wagon
Close up of some of the Chaired sleeper wagon GWS91200 details.

This Chaired sleeper wagon is number 100682 it was built in 1939 to Diagram T.12, Lot 1313. It is as well as being a part of the Great Western wagons saved at Dicot, it is also still a working wagon. It can still be used on the main lines as it has a Tops code 74311. Note the air pipes fitted for todays frieght trains.

The Close up photo above gives details of it present day mainline number PFW GWS 91200. The wagon is used to bring in heavy parts to the centre and can be used on the mainlines in the UK. I think this may be one of the only GWR built wagons to have an up to date Tops code ?

This wagon is one of around 50  railway wagons most of which were built by the great Western Railway  or the British Railways Western Region that have been saved at the Didcot Railway Centre that is next to the Didcot mainline railway station.


These wagons in the lis below are just some of the wagons that have been saved at the Didcot Railway Centre.

Didcot Railway  Centre wagons

Open wagons wood
Open wagons steel
Covered Vans
Tank wagons
other wagons
Brake vans
12T China clay open wagon 92943
GWR Loco Coal wagon 63066
Mink G 20Ton van  112843
Tar tank wagon No.1
Chaired sleeper wagon 100682
20T Toad brake van  68684
Royal Daylight oil tank wagon 745
Macaw.B no.70335
20T Toad brake van 950592
12 tons Mink A van 101720
Express Dairy tank wagon SR4409

Fruit C 2862

6 wheel Drinking Water Tank Wagon  
Breakdown Train Vehicle no1
10 tons Iron Mink 11152
Breakdown Train Vehicle no 56
Fish Bloate covered van no. 2671
Covered van  WGB 4166  
Covered Van 101836

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Great Western Wagons at The Didcot Railway Centre 

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