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Wagons At The Great Central Nottingham

Wagon with Sleepers on it

The Great Central Railway

Heritage Railways

wagon at Ruddington in 2010 wirh a load of sleepers on it

This wagon was at Ruddington in 2010. It had a load of sleepers on it I am not sure but it may be one of these two wagons below

BR Bogie Rail Sturgeon A 994271 built in 1956? or BR Bogie Rail Sturgeon A 994770 built in 1953?



 The wagons in the list below are just some of the wagons that have been saved at the Great Central Nottingham at Ruddington Fields. When the new bridge is build over the Midland Main line and this railway is joined to the main Great Central and trains start running, these wagons will then become part of The Great Central wagon fleet.

wagons at

Great Central Nottingham (GCRN)

Open wagons wood
Open wagons steel
Bogie Vans
Covered Vans
Tank wagons other wagons Brake vans
Open Wagon  M41153
Siphon G bogie Milk Van
12T Palvan B778771
wagon with sleepers on it
Brake van 952282
Ferry van B786902 
van VAA 200631
20T Goods brake van B964353
12T Van WGB 4178
GWR Toad brake van 68500
Van DB 784455
12T widefit
Palvan WGB 4023

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The Great Central at Nottingham at the  Ruddington Heritage Center Pages

Below are a links to lists of some of the wagons also saved at

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The Great Central at Nottingham at the  Ruddington Heritage Center Pages



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