List of some of Wagons at The  Great Central railway  

Open wagons wood

16T Mineral wagons steel

Wagons Open steel

Covered Vans

Tank wagons

Brake vans

12T open wagon B724570
16T Mineral wagon  B593185

13T open wagon B461074

Sockvan van B85838

ESSO tank wagon 2335
Goods Brake van B954546
16T Mineral wagon  B573403
3-plank open Mountsorrel Granite no.127  
16T Mineral Wagon B279704

ZDV wagon

Covered van W 18422  

Tank wagon no. 164253

Brake van at GCR
Mountsorrel Granite open wagon  no 539
16T Mineral Wagon B279705
13T steel open wagon E281882 
16T covered van S48564

Tank wagon

Goods Brake van LMS 30562
Mountsorrel Granite Company 5-plank no. 654
16T Mineral Wagon B279710
21ton  hopper wagon B425356 
Covered van no.Kdb 753722
TMD Friction Braking Development tank wagon
Goods Brake B954268
16T Mineral Wagon B279711

RUDD TLF-W wagon

Pal-van no number
tank wagon no. ZRP KDB998926
3 plank wooden wagon
E zcv D S61953 Pipe wagon
16T mineral wagon  B279713
Iorn Ore tipper
Ale van B768184
16T Mineral Wagon B279018
shock wagon with no number
P_Way Wagons
16T Mineral Wagon B279722
venterated van no number
BR 20T Grampus wagon DB991408
16T Mineral wagon  B279723
venterated van no number
Dogfish Ballast wagon (one)
Flat wagons
Parcels van no. PMV S1706S
Dogfish Ballast wagon  (two)  
16T Mineral wagon B279725
13T Conflat A wagon B505313
Dogfish Ballast wagon (three) 
16T Mineral Wagon B279742
16T Mineral wagon B550356
Dogfish Ballast wagon (four
16T Mineral Wagon B562230
Dogfish Ballast wagon (five)
16T Mineral Wagon B573124
Dogfish Ballast wagon HPA 9927144 
16T mineral wagon  B589204  
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