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Tom Young and Arthur Wright 

Tom Young and Arthur Wright

Tom Young and Arthur Wright rode for miles to together. On two boneshakers as in the photo below or as above on a Dursley Pederson and a penny and for miles oron on their modern tandem. They were members of the Peterborough VCC and a lot of the other clubs as well They went round the Peterborough schools taking their vintage cycles and giving the young children a look at part of our history. 

Tom and Arthur with there Bonshakers
Very nice photo of the two of them with their boneshakers

Both of them did much to help the vintage cycle world giving up all of there spare time to and going to all events that they could. They were first there and often the last to leave.

Tom and Arthur on a modern tandem .
Tom and Arthur on a modern tandem .

Tom Young was 94 when he passed away in the Peterborough District Hospital on the 17th of September 2004 .

In August 2007 Arthur Wright also passed away. They both did a lot to help save vintage cycles and help the run the clubs and events.

The three photos on this page are from Tom's photographs and photographers names were not on the photographs.

TOM YOUNG with his Boneshaker

Tom Young at Maxey

Tom with Members of March Vintage Cycle Club

Tom Young (without cycle) and Members of the March Cub


Stella Young on a tricycle


Vintage bikes are being saved all over the UK. Just like vintage cars and motor cycles and trains. Rallies are held all over the UK. These rallies are about 15 to 25 miles long. They often start at a playing field or a public place and stops are arranged on the route at pubs or other places so that the slower cycles can catch up. The cycles have to be PRE 1914? to be classed as veteran, bikes after 1935? being classed as vintage. Most of the riders have costumes of the period of the bike they are riding.

The taking part is the main thing. A certificate or a mug etc is given to each rider for taking part. Judging of the bikes is under taken during the rally. Cups for most original bike and or best rider in the costume for the cycle they are riding are given. The standard of the restoration and time taken and research undertaken to win these cups has to be seen to be believed.

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