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Lincoln's Railways About
Two Central Trains units in Lincoln station
Two Central Trains class 153 units in Lincoln station in 2007
Lincoln Railways About
Lincoln is the county town of Lincolnshire. It was and still is the hub of the railways in this part of Lincolnshire. Lines have been closed all over Lincolnshire.
There were 2 stations in Lincoln, The Great Northern's Lincoln Central and the Midland railways Lincoln St Marks. Unlike some towns and villages, these stations were right in the middle of the town. Both stations were lest than a mile apart, and both stations had level crossings near to the end of the platforms on the main High street.
Traffic waits at the St Marks station level crossing  over  the  High  Street  in  Lincoln  in  1978.
Traffic waits at the St Marks station level crossing over the High Street in Lincoln in 1978.
When a train from the now closed St Marks station who's tracks crossed the High Street just out out side the station, it stopped all the traffic along the High Street. This may have been ok if there had been just one station on your main High Street and one set of crossing gates, but Lincoln had two stations on its High street and two sets of gates, not that far apart.
Lincoln Central station was also right next to the High Street and it too had a level crossing. Central station had more trains and so stopped the traffic more. If you got by one set of gates, the other signal box closed its crossing gates.
St Marks station was to the West side of The High Street and Central to the East.
The other end of Central station was even worst for road traffic. At Petham Street Junction there was a rail crossing for trains from both stations which crossed each other here with a road level crossing as well.
A road flyover bridge was made At Petham Street Junction after most of rail traffic had gone. But with the amount of road traffic over it its a good job it was built.
The Midland Railway's Lincoln St Marks station was opened for passengers by the Midland Railway on 4th August in 1846. It was closed on 11th May in 1985.
St Marks train services were then diverted into Lincoln Central the former Great Northern station. The last passenger train into Lincoln St.Marks was the 9:15pm train from Derby.
Lincoln St Marks station was called Lincoln Midland. The station had been renamed as Lincoln St. Marks on 25th September in 1950.
When the Great Northern and Great Eastern Joint line was made an avoiding line was made to stop coal trains having to go though the Lincoln stations and over the level crossings. This GN&GEJR avoiding line was closed at Lincoln sometime in the 1980s.
Todays lines into Lincoln are the ex Great Northern & Great Eastern Joint railway coming in from the south from Sleaford and to the north to from Gainsborough for Doncaster . There is also a line to the west to Newark and also a line to the north east to Grimsby by way of Market Rasen.
Trains from Lincoln to Boston and Gratham now go by way of Sleaford. The Doncaster to Peterborough loop line goes though Sleaford to Spalding to Peterborough.
The Doncaster to Peterborough GNR loop line had been run down in the 1980s and 1990s and was not used. They hoped to say, that it could be done without.
The GNR loop is needed as more freight has be taken off the ECML north of Peterborough and goes round by Sleaford and Lincoln to Doncaster. This is to make way for more passenger trains on the ECML.
This work has been done with nearly all the signal boxes removed and the crossing gates that were worked by a gate keeper replaced with lifting barriers. Most if not all the track has been replaced. The Sleaford Avoiding line is now back in use.
Lincoln has seen all of its old signals replaced with new colour lights and the track renewed around the station in the last few years. The station was closed for a number of weeks. Trains that terminate at Lincoln, do not now have to shunt over to the over side of the station. Trains can use the same platform to return, from were they came from. Trains can also use any of the though platforms now as they are all signalled both ways.


Lincoln is the county town of Lincolnshire and was and still is the hub of the railways in this part of Lincolnshire.
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