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Severn Bridge Junction Signal Box at Shrewbury
Severn Bridge Junction Signal Box at Shrewbury.
Severn Bridge Junction Signal Box was built in 1903. It has a 180-lever frame making it the largest mechanical signal box in the UK. It controls the southern end of Shrewsbury railway station. This box is the largest Mechanical signal boxes still open in the UK in 2016.
There are two lists on this page
Signal Boxes List  when they were open or in place and Signal Boxes that have been saved
Not all the boxes in the site are on this list yet.
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Signal Boxes List  when they are or were open or in place

March Signal Boxes
ECML signal boxes

Peterborough to Melton Mowbray  Signal Boxes

Peterborough to Spalding to Lincoln signal  boxes


 March South Junc

 March East Junc

 March North Junc

 March Whitemoor Junc

 March West Junc




 St Neots


 Huntingdon North No1

 Huntingdon North No2

 Abotts Ripton

 Conington South

 Conington North


Uffington signal box

 Ketton signal box

North Luffenham signal box

Manton Junction signal box

Oakham signal box

Langham signal box

Ashwell signal box

Wissendine signal box

Melton station signal box

St James Deeping


Spalding No.1 

Spalding No.2

Spalding no3 Closed

Mill Green



Sleaford South

Sleaford West

Sleaford East

Sleaford North

Scopwick signal box

Blankney Signal Box

The closed March to Spalding line

Twenty Feet River

Murrow West 

French Drove 



Welland Bridge

Peterborough to March

Peterborough Leicester to Bedford Nottingham to Boston

Kings Dyke signal box 

Whittlesea signal box

Three Horse shoes signal box


Eastfield signal box

 New England East Shunting Cabin

 Walton signal box

 Peterborough Power Box 


Leicester North

Bell Lane

Wigston South Junction


 Corby North


Glendon North Junction  


Neilsons Sidings  

Finedon Road

Wellingboro station


Allington Junction




Sleaford West

Sleaford East


Hubberts Bridge

West Street Junction 

Grand Sluice 

Norwich boxes ECML north of Peterborough

Norwich Thorpe signal box

Norwich Thorpe Good Yard

Norwich Thorpe Junction


Helpston signal box

Helpston gate box


Doncaster North

Doncaster South

Doncaster C

Cromer Box

 Cromer Yard Box


Ipswich signal box




Cambridge South 

Cambridge North

 Coldam Lane Junc

Cambridge Power Box 

Chesterton Junc

Shepreth Branch Junc 


Ely station North signal box

Ely South signal box

Ely Dock Junction signal box

Barnetby East signal box




Newark signal box

Creetwell Junction signal box

Sincil Bank signal box BR

Pelham Street Junction signal box BR

High Street signal box in 2005

East Holmes signal box in 2005

Lincoln West signal box BR

Boultham Crossing signal box

Ely to Kings Lynn

Littleport signal box 

Downham Market signal box

Magdalen Road signal box





  Kidderminster Junction Signal box Carnforth Station Junction


There are two lists on this page
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Signal Boxes List  when they were open or in place and Signal Boxes that have been saved

Signal Boxes that have been saved

Saved Boxes GCR

Saved Boxes NYMR

Saved Boxes MNR

Loughborough signal box  

Quorn and Woodhouse signal box 

Rothley Cabin signal box 

 Swithland Sidings signal box

New Bridge signal box

Levisham signal box

Goathland signal box

Grosmont Crossing signal box

Dereham Central signal box

Dereham North

Yaxham signal box

Thuxton signal box
Hardingham signal box

Saved Boxes Swanage Railway

Saved Boxes Bluebell Railway

Saved Boxes North Norfolk Railway

Swanage signal box

Harmans Cross signal box

Horsted Keynes signal box

Kingscote signal box

Sheffield Park signal box

Saved Boxes Midland Centre

Saved boxes NVR

Saved boxes Severn Valley Railway

Swanwick Junction signal box

Butterley CF signal box

Hammersmith signal box

Linby Station and Linby Colliery Sidings signal boxes


Wansford signal box


Bridgnorth  box

Hampton Loade Box

Highley  box

Arley signal box 

Kidderminster box 

Saved boxes ELR


'Bury South'

'Rawtenstall West'

More Saved Boxes More saved Boxes More saved Boxes

Rushden Station signal box

Cromer Yard Box

Church Lane Crosssing

Quainton Road signal box 

Oakington Signal box at Bressingham Museum 

Shackerstone Signal Box

Llangollen Station Signal Box

North Weald signal box

Frome Mineral Junction signal box 

 Selside signal box

Mangapps Junction

Staveley Engine Shed signal box 

These signal boxes have been moved to Heritage Railways or saved in or near were they were.

This list will be added to as I have lots of signal boxes to add

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There are two lists on this page Signal Boxes List  when they were open or in place and Signal Boxes that have been saved

 Not all the boxes in the site are on this list yet.

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List of the Signal Boxes on this site

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 There are a number of signal boxes on this web site. These links in the lists above are to pages in this web site. These links will be added to . There are some signal boxes boxes aready on the site, not yet linked to this page.
Page updated 16th May 2018

This website is it is a webe site on railways, but it is not just on trains, but all things railways, with photos, which I have taken from the 1970s till now. I take photos of all things railways, steam diesel and electric trains, signal boxes like this page, wagons any thing that is on the National Rail network, which was BR when I started taken photos.

Today  Virgin trains, Great Northern and DRS are just some of the names on the trains.  These names keep changing, but that means I have to keep taking photos. I also take photos of preserved railways with steam diesel and electric trains.There is lots more to add and I keep taking More!