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'A4 at March in 2012'
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Union of South Africa at March on 13th December 2012
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A4 60009 at March station on the 13th December 2012
A4 60009 in March station on the 13th of December 2012
A4 Union of South Africa was at March on 13th December 2012. The train was The York Yuletide Express from Norwich to York.At March it went into the into the loops in the south yard to take on water it then came into March station to pick up passengers.  It was a very cold morning with heavy frost but with some sun.
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The video below is of A4 Union of South Africa was at March on 13th December 2012. The train was The York Yuletide Express from Norwich to York.
You can also view this video in the full sreen. Use the button on right of the video. To return from full screen press the same button.
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March railway station is in the town of March which is in the county of Cambridgeshire in eastern England. The station is 14 miles from Peterborough on the railway line to Ely.
March is in the flat fens, were farming was the main industry till the railway came. The GER railway line ran from Ely to March and then to Peterborough is still open.
There was also a line from St Ives and one to Spalding by the now closed GN&GEJR . There was also a line from Wisbech (the track of which is still in place from March to Wisbech but is not joined to the main network. (This lines may well be come a heritage line or even re-open)
At Whitemoor one of Europe biggest freight marshalling yards was built at March. When this had all but closed, a new NetworkRail Distribution Centre was built on the southern part of the site of of The Old Whitemoor Yard. This was opened in 2004. Whitemoor Prison had been built on the northern part of what was once one of Europe biggest marshalling yards

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