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The Mid-Norfolk Railway runs its trains from Dereham to Wymondham Abbey station in the county of Norfolk in the UK
Class 31 235 comes into Dereham with class 20 as D8069 waiting to take the next train to Wymodham
Class 31 235 comes into Dereham with class 20 as D8069 waiting to take the next train to Wymodham in 2012
The Mid-Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust
It was only around 1995 that The Mid-Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust started to restore this line between Dereham and Wymondham. It now has 17.5 miles of track (11.5 miles is in use) which when its is all in use, will be one of longest preserved railways in the UK. A lot of the other preserved railways had already had a twenty year start when they started.
Trains run now between Dereham and Wymondham. The next section from Dereham to County School is next. There is a even longer term aim to reach as far as Fakenham. The way they are going, they may well get there.
The Mid-Norfolk Railway has has a ever growing collection of heritage diesels, carriages and wagons which just gets bigger each year. When you go back you can see what has been done since last time you came.
Some other preserved railways have had things that have been ongoing for years, not The Mid-Norfolk Railway it just gets them done.
A short History of the line
When the railway was fully open trains had left Dereham station for King’s Lynn over land that is now part of the Dereham bypass. Trains also went to Wells on Sea and  Forncett and to Norwich by two lines by Wymondham or via County School.
The station was a busy station between the wars, but over the yearsin 1950s and 1960s services were cut back, with station closed and sidings removed. Signal boxes were removed and level crossing gates were opened by the gaurd in the last few years.
The line from Wroxham to County School lost its passenger servicein 1952.
Passenger service between Dereham and Wells were withdrawn in 1964.
The line between Dereham to Wymondham was reduced to a single track with a passing loop at Hardingham in 1965.
The passenger service from Kings Lynn was withdrawn in 1968.
The passenger service was withdrawn between Wymondham and Dereham in October 1969
The line from north of North Elmham to Ryburgh closed in about 1981
The line from Wymondham to Dereham and North  Elmham was freight only worked as required.
The line that is now the North Norfolk railway closed in 1989
The railway from Wymondham to Dereham was only purchased in April 1998 by the Mid-Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust. The station at Dereham was a Shop and much good work was put in with new windows of the same kind as were in the station when open. this were made to make the station look right. Replacement signal boxes and track have put back or are being put back.
Each time you come back to this railway something has been done.
Kimberley Park Railway Station
Kimberley Park Railway Station
Mid-Norfolk railways trains do not normaly stop at the closed Kimberley Park station which is now in private hands.
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This website is Ukrailways1970tilltoday.me.uk it is on railways but it is not just on trains but all things railways, with photos, which I have taken from the 1970s till now. I take photos of all things railways, steam diesel and electric trains, signal boxes, wagons any thing that is on the National Rail network, which was BR when I started taken photos.

This page is about the Mid-Norfolk Railway.

Today Virgin East Coast, Grand Central trains and DRS are just some of the names on the trains. The name on the train does not mean, thats whos train it is these days. These names keep changing, but that means I have to keep taking photos. I also take photos of preserved railways with steam diesel and electric trains.There is lots more to add and I keep taking More!