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 8F  2-8-0 48624

 8F 48624 2-8-0 at Holt
8F 48624 2-8-0 at Holt station runing round its train Saturday 22nd April in 2017
This 8f had come from the Great Central Railway for this Gala. This locomotive is now painted in British Railways Black. It's still a bit clean, but it will soon dull down.
This locomotive was painted in LMS maroon livery, a colour it was never painted in while in mainline service. It looked smart, but it was wrong for a heavy goods steam locomotive. This 8F was one of the 8Fs built at Ashford Works in 1943.
8F 48624 2-8-0 at Sheringham
8F 48624 2-8-0 at Sheringham station on Saturday 22nd April in 2017.
8F 48624
8F 48624 in Sheringham station Saturday 22nd April  2017
8F 48624 2-8-0
8F 48624 2-8-0 coming into Holt station with the fireman holding the token ready for the signal man on Saturday 22nd April in 2017.
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About the North Norfolk Railway
The North Norfolk Railway runs between Sheringham and Holt which is about 10 miles for the return trip. Sheringham is the railways headquarters.
On the other side of the road to the Sheringham North Norfolk Railway station is Sheringham Mainline railway station which is part of the Bittern Line from Norwich. The North Norfolk Railway own station is the old Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway station with the mainline station being just a short open platform.
The NNR now has a main connection and trains can now cross over the road between the two stations at Sheringham on certain days of the year.
This station Weybourne is a passing place and often two trains will be in the station. Weybourne has the NNR engine sheds and workshops here .
Kelling Heath Park is just a small Halt with trains only stopping by request on the return journey because of the gradient, here.
Holt station is not now were the old station was, as when this part of M&GN closed a road was built on part the old railway bed. The site of were the old M&GN station was, has also been built on.
The new NNR station at Holt has all new platforms but the signal box and the station buildings and other parts, have been saved from other M&GN stations or built in same way.
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Today Greater Anglia  Virgin East Coast and east Midland Trains is whos train it is these days. These names keep changing, but that means I have to keep taking photos. I also take photos of preserved railways with steam diesel and electric trains.There is lots more to add and I keep taking More!