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 Old Oak Common Depot Open Day
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'Class 50s'
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'Legends of the Great Western'
Class 50s lined up at the Old Oak Comon open day
Class 50s lined up at the Old Oak Common open day on the 2nd of September in 2017 .
What a line up of  6 Class 50s in one place in 2017 and there was another one class 50035 Ark Royal as well which was on its own (photo below on this page).
Class 50007--Hercules--Class 50017 Royal Oak--Class 50026 Indomitable--
Class 50044 Exeter--Class 50049 Defiance--class 50050 Fearless.
Five class 50s at Old Oak Common
 Five of the 6 class 50s at Old Oak Common on the 2nd of September in 2017.
The Class 50 line up
The same Class 50 line up from the other end
Class 50 not in the Line up
 This Class 50 no.50035 Ark Royal was not in the Line up above.
About the Openday
It has now been 111 years in 2017 since The Oak Common Depot started servicing trains on the  17th March in 1906. The Depot is in west London in the UK.
GWR decided to celebrate Oak Common Depot's contribution in maintaining the Legends of the Great Western. It decided to open the depot for members of the public on Saturday the 2nd of September in 2017
In the depot’s long 111 year history, the depot's skilled staff have maintained, The Great Western Railways Kings and Castles, British Railways diesel-powered Westerns and Warships and class 50s and the HSTs. In 1976 the depot was the maintenance hub in the Western Region of British Rail for then new High Speed Trains (HST)
GWR put on a very good display at this open day of steam, diesel, electric locomotives, most of which have helped to make ‘God’s Wonderful Railway,’work.
The HST fleet still operates today (2017) this fleet of HSTs is soon to be replaced after over 40 years of very good service by the new Hitachi Intercity Express Train.
The High Speed Train' part of 'Old Oak Common Depot' is set close in 2018. This is when HST's on the Great Western Main Line will be replaced by the new InterCity Express Trains.
A new facility will be built for new Crossrail trains, were they will be serviced and maintained.
Maintenance of the new InterCity Express Trains will be carried out at North Pole IEP Depot situated opposite the site of Old Oak Common TMD.
Some of the Locomotives that were at Old Oak Common
6023 King Edward II
7903 Foremarke Hall
70013 Oliver Cromwell
60163 Tornado
Railmotor No.93
D821 Greyhound
D1015 Western Champion
class 47813
class 31438
class 56049
GBRf class 66779 Evening Star
class 08483 Neil Morgan
class 50035 Ark Royal
class 50007 Hercules
class 50017 Royal Oak
class 50026 Indomitable
class 50044 Exeter
class 50049 Defiance
class 50050 Fearless
class 57602 Restormel Castle
class 57603 Tintagel Castle
class 57604 Pendennis Castle
class 57605 Totnes Castle
class 57310 Pride of Cumbria
Class 180 Adelante
18010x Adelante
43185 Great Western
Class 387 Electrostar

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Next page at The Old Oak Common Open Day in 2017
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