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Peterborough Railways
Werrington in 2020 (1)
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Werrington in 2020
A15 & Hurn Road bridges 2020
2nd of March 2020 looking from the ECML side work on what was Hurn road
On 2nd of March 2020 looking from the ECML side work on what was Hurn road and will be the track bed of new dive under and a cycleway footpath on left of it. The railway line to Spalding uses the righthand opening.
Work under the A15 bridge 2020
Another view of the above
 the old Hurn Road  from the other side
  The old Hurn Road  from the other side this use to go under the A15 dual carriage way road bridge.  This part of  part road is aready closed replaced by a new road on the other side of the bridge.
under the A15 bridge
This will be were the railway track for the dive under comes under the A15
The footpath/cycle way will on right a high fence will be  built near were the plasic sheets are.
The red and white fence is a walkway
more work ongoing
Looking back from the near the A15 bridge the two tracks will  go though here about were the steel is
looking towards Spalding
Looking towards Spalding some balast has put down.
Railway line to Spalding is on the right
Looking towards Spalding some more balast has been  put down.
 26th April 2020 Looking towards Spalding some more ballast has put down.
water and mud were the tracks will be
After heavy rain the track bed that will become the dive under top right 3rd November 2020
looking towards the ECML from the near A15 bridge
Werrington Junction
At Werrington Junction the Line to Spalding and Sleaford leaves the ECML.
In June 2014 Network Rail announced that they were considering whether to build a flyover or a under pass, under the East Coast Main Line at Werrington Junction.
Network Rail has said in 2018 that it is to build a dive under called 'The Werrington Grade Separation' from the Stamford line under the ECML to the Spalding line(GNR loop).
The Great Northern Loop line to Spalding and to Lincoln and Doncaster is now used by freight after being done up with all the signal boxes replaced by a signal center at Lincoln soon to be replace  by theYork signal center.
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