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6233 at Duchess of Sutherland at Peterborough in 2010

Heritage Railways

6233 at Duchess of Sutherland Peterborough in Westwood Yard on 17th May 2010
Duchess of Sutherland Peterborough in Westwood Yard on 17th May 2010
Duchess of Sutherland is a Coronation Class 4-6-2 number 46233 which had been repainted in LMS unlined black in 2010. It was on the return leg of The Coronation, which was on Monday the 17th of May in 2010.
The train had started from Edinburgh with LNER A4 Class 4-6-2 number 60009 Union of South Africa taking the train to York. At York Duchess of Sutherland took over this train and was to take it on to Kings Cross after taking on water at Peterborough in Westwood Yard
Two water pipes can just be seen going into the tender (under the M of LMS) from the fire engine tanker that was supplying the water. With the live overhead wire above the tender the fireman cannot go on to the tender top like they used to. So water is pumped in from the side of the tender on main line trips under the wires.
Photo of Duchess of Sutherland in LMS maroon also at Westwood Yard be for it was repainted (page four)
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