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About the new Platforms at Peterborough opened in 2014
The ticket office and entrance at Peterborough in February 2014
The ticket office and entrance have been upgraded. There are now ticket barriers at Peterborough.
Cross Country class 170 in platform 7 Greater Anglia 170 in platform 6 and a East Midlands class 158 in platform 5.
Cross Country class 170 in platform 7 Greater Anglia 170 in platform 6 and a East Midlands class 158 in platform 5. There was also a East Coast train in platform 4. All of these trains would have had to use just platforms 4 and 5. If platform 4 was in use two of the trains would have had to wait out side the station.
New platforms were needed for when it all goes pear shape, there was just not enough platforms to go round. Even with all going well, trains often had to wait for a platform on the river Nene railway bridge.
On Tuesday 13th December 2011 Network Rail had announced that a 43 million pound upgrade of Peterborough railway station was going to start in April 2012 and was to be completed by December 2013. (This is upgrade was still ongoing in Feruary 2014, and was not done till around April 2014.)
This upgrade has now increased the numer of platforms to 7 and includes new lifts to each platform. There were no lifts to any of the platforms at Peterborough be for the new platforms were added.
The amount of use these lifts were getting from people during my visit in February 2014 with large cases and ladys with push chairs, shows how much they were needed. Older people and those with wheel chairs were also finding these lifts a great help. We have to wonder why it took so many years to put them in.
Peterborough Station Map as at 2013
These maps are not to scale
new layout at Peterborough station
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The new layout at Peterborough  Railway station in 2014
The upgrade at Peterborough railway station has New lifts for all platforms. A new island platform built on the site of the goods loops next to platform 5 (yellow on map) These have the numbers 6 and 7.
There was a small strip of waste land between the old platform 3 and the up fast line were a new platform face has been built, making it an island platform  This new platform face on the up fast has been given the platform number 3.
Work started  clearing the land, so one the goods loops could move away from the were the new platforms were to be built. This new Island platform has been given the numbers 6 and 7. Platform 6 (and platform 7) and will be used by Cross Country and East Midland Trains like platform 4 and 5 are now. There are no overhead wires on these two platforms.
The old Platform 2  was the main up platform with the ticket office . This has has been  renumbered as platform 1. This will also be used for the 12 coach Great Northern servies to South London and Gatwick Airport when these start.
Platform 4 and 5 remain and were not renumered. They upgraded and have lifts and will be used by down East Coast trains plus freight and Cross Country and East Midland Trains .
Most platforms are signaled both ways and its often like musical chairs as to which platform will be used, hopefully with extra platforms this will improve.
Peterborough today has one main line station, called just Peterborough. It was called Peterborough North. This was because there used to be a second station called Peterborough East.
Today Peterborough has a second station on the NVR called Peterborough Nene Valley Railway station. Orton Mere and Ferry Meadows NVR stations are also in Peterborough.
In steam days Peterborough had a very large MPD at New England (LNER) and a second one at Spittle Bridge (LMS) on the site of todays power signal box. There was also an engine shed at the East station (still standing just) but not now used. There was also an LNWR engine shed about were the NVRs Peterborough station is now.
Westwood yard is just to the north of the Peterborogh main line station this yard was full of sidings filled with full and empty coal wagons right up to the 1960s. Most of the sidings are now gone. What is now left of Westwood yard, is but a handful of sidings, but it can get busy at times.
The East Coast Main Line main line runs though Peterborough. This railway line runs from London to Edinburgh. The G.N.R and then the L.N.E.R used to run this line be for BR. This line has now been electrified, and is one of the top railways in the U.K.
GNER took over the inter City trains from London to Scotland and Leeds previously run by BR. Then from December 2007, National Express took over these services. In 2014 East Coast rans these trains. Virgin East Coast has now took over in 2015.
First Capital Connect operated the commuter trains in 2014 between London and Peterborough. WAGN used to run these commuter trains. Great Northern now run these trains.
East Midland Trains and Greater Anglia and Cross Country trains also run trains stoping at Peterborough. Grand Central and Hull trains not stopping at Peterborough and using the fast lines.
The other parts on Peterborough on this web site has lots of trains from the 1970s to 1999 and 2000 to 2013 with mainline steam ,with Deltics in BR days to Central Trains, EWS and East Midland Trains.
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