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Railways around Peterborough and The National Rail Network & Heritage railways in the UK
Great Central Nottingham

GBRf class 66730


UK National railway


Heritage Railways

Diesel Weekend 23-24 October 2010

GBRf class 66730 at Great Central Nottingham in 2010

GBRf class 66730 on 24th of October 2010
Heritage Centre at Ruddington
This Heritage centre is at Ruddington which is just to the south of Nottingham on the old Great central Main line.
This is the northern railway of the Great Central Railway. It is coming on leaps and bounds. Every time you visit something has been done. There is now a run of about 5 miles to Rushcliffe Halt near the British Gysum Works near East Leak. this will be nine miles later
At Ruddington a new platform has been built and an engine shed.There are buildings which were built by the MOD.As well as railway engines, classic heritage buses and cars are also kept and repaired on the site. There is also a miniature railway.
The railway at the Notingham transport Heritage Centre Ruddington is part of a Country Park.
The railway hopes it will soon join up with the southern section of The Great Central at Loughborough. This is easier said than done. The Midland Mainline railway line will have to be crossed together with a canal and a road.
This will I hope be started in 2015 . But it depend on funds, as the cost of the bridges will be in millions of pounds and the line will have to run though the middle of the GCR engine shed. Todays engine shed will have to be moved and a new shed built.
Mainline Freight trains trains still run to the British Gysum Works near East Leak from the Midland Mainline at Loughborough. Hopefully joint working of this part of the line can be worked out or two tracks may be needed on this part of the line with one for GCR and one for network rail.
There are plans for a station called Loughborough High Level not far from were the new bridge will be built. This will be ideal for the main line station.



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