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'Grosmount mainline station'
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Grosmont mainline station in 2008
156451 at Grosmont with a train to Witby
Class 156451 at Grosmont with a train to Witby in 2008
The North Yorkshire Moors Railway runs from Grosmont station to Pickering. There is a second station at Grosmout a main line station at Grosmont, this is on the Esk Valley line from Middlesbrough to Whitby.
The Esk Valley Railway line runs between the City of Middlesbrough and the seaside town of Whitby.
As can be seen in the photo above the station has only one platform. The station was run together with the platforms that the NYMR use now as one juction station. After the part of the line that the NYMR uses now was sold to the NYMR, the main line station, which is now run by Northern Rail, has been run as a separate station on the nation rail network.
Steam trains now run to Whitby and Battersby Station over the the Esk Valley line. These trains are run by the NYMR on certain days of the year, with main line certified locomotives by the NYMR.
The NYMR own timetable pages on the NYMR web site. Will give details of which days these trains will run along The Esk Valley line and the times. These trains run as well as the NYMR normal trains giving you a very wide choice of trips.
These steam trains run between the normal every day trains of which there are not that many.
The Whitby Enterprise at Grosmont mainline station
The Whitby Enterprise at Grosmont mainline station.
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Deltic light engine 

Two Deltics



71000 Duke of Gloucester



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L.H & J. C tank no. 29

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Early days at NYMR

Grosmont mainline station



New Bridge signal box

Levisham signal box

Goathland signal box

Grosmont Crossing signal box


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