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Class 73 114
Class 73 114 at the Battlefield Railway.
Class 73 114 in the Shackerstone station
Class 73 114 in the Shackerstone station at the Battlefield Railway
This British Railways Electro-Diesel is a Class 73/1 Bo-Bo with the number 73 114 ( E6020 ) and is in BR blue with full yellow ends and large arrows
Class 73s were not normally seen in BR days on railways in Leicestershire as they were made for the 650-750 volt DC third rail network in southern England. They ran for most of there time taking power from the third rail, but they have a small by railway standards 600hp diesel engine to generate power for the traction motors, when no third rail is available. This made them very useful for cross London freights, between freight yards in south London and those in north London with no third rail. When the power was off on the third rail they could still be used. The Battlefield Railwayhas no third rail, but 73114 can still be used with it diesel engine.
D5217 in 2009
D5217 in the station at the Battlefield Railway.
D 5217 at the Battlefield Railway
D 5217 at the Battlefield Railway
Class 04110 at the Battlefield Railway
Class 04 110 at Shackerstone station on the Battlefield Railway.
This Class 04 110 never carried a BR tops number and had the number D2310
The British Railways  Class 04 were a 0-6-0 diesel-mechanical locomotive built between 1952 and 1962. The Drewry Car Co. supplied the 04s but sub-contracted the construction out to The Vulcan Foundry and Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns. The basic design was used also for the Class 03 built in house by BR
About 18 of these 04s have been saved
Class 04110
Class 04110 from the cab end at the Battlefield Railway.
Shackerstone signal box
Shackerstone signal box at the Battlefield Railway.
The Battlefield Line is operated by the Shackerstone Railway Society it runs from Shackerstone to Market Bosworth About 5 miles in length.  The railway is in Leicestershire
This railway is on part of the railway line opened in 1873 by the Midland and London North Western Railway companies, The Ashby and Nuneaton Joint Railway.
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