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The Battlefield Railway
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Two class 56s and a class 73
Class 56086 and class 56040 and class 73 114 about to leave the station at the Battlefield Railway in 2009.
Must be a long train!
The Battlefield Line is operated by the Shackerstone Railway Society it runs from Shackerstone to Market Bosworth About 5 miles in length.  The railway is in Leicestershire
This railway is on part of the railway line opened in 1873 by the Midland and London North Western Railway companies, The Ashby and Nuneaton Joint Railway.
Classs 56086
Class 56086 in the station with 56040 at the Battlefield Railway in 2009.
Class 56040 and class 56086
Class 56040 and class 56086 at the Battlefield Railway.
Class 56040
Class 56040 comes out of the yard at the Battlefield Railway
Class 31101
Class 31101 in the station at the Battlefield Railway with class 31130.
Class 31101 and 31130
Class 31101 and class 31130 at the Battlefield Railway.
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