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 The Railway Centre is at Quainton. It is working steam museum with a 25 acre site were there there are locomotives wagons and carriages. Some of the locomotives are being done up and others are yet to be started.

blue 0-4-0 Laporte Fireless steam locomotive number 2243 is on a demonstration goods train in early 1980s

0-4-0 Laporte Fireless steam locomotive number 2243

This blue 0-4-0 Laporte Fireless steam locomotive number 2243 is on a demonstration goods train in early 1980s.

Chemical works and any were likeley to blow up with a spark from a coal fire were there main places of work for these engines.

These locomotives have no fire or burner in them. They were filled with steam from the factory boiler. They could shunt wagons till the steam just about ran out.  

This locomotive was built by Barclay in 1948. It was used at the Laporte chemical manufacturers at there Luton plant. For two years in 1958 and 1960 it went to the Laporte Warrington factory. In 1972 it was presented to The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.

Around 1981 a way was found to use another steam loco to fill the engine with some of its steam and this slide was taken around this time.

Barclay fireless locomotive number 1477 ?

Quainton's has another Barclay fireless locomotive number 1477 which I think was built in 1936. I think this is it. The photo may have been taken on the same day as the one above. 

The GWR 0-6-0PT is giving rides on one of the demonstion lines in open wagons

The GWR 0-6-0PT is giving rides on one of the demonstration lines in these open wagons. It is must have been very popular judging by all the people in these wagons. 

HornPipe a 0-4-0ST built by Peckett and Sons

HornPipe a 0-4-0ST built by Peckett and Sons as No.1756 at Bristol in 1928. This train on one of the demonsrtation lines at The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton is made up of vintage carriages.

Locomotives under repair

Bodmin at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

Bodmin at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton. It was being restored out in the open. I think the nameplates had been put on just for the weekend.

Bodmin is a Bulleid West Country class pacific 4-6-2 which was built by the Southern Railway and given the number 21C116 in 1945 when new. In 1946 at the town of Bodmin it was named by the towns Mayor. When new it had the air-smoothed casing and chain drive. In 1948 British Railways renumbered it 34016.

It was rebuilt by British Railways in about 1956 and the old air smoothed castings  and the chain drive were removed and a modified Walschaerts vavle gear added.

It was withdrawn in June 1964 by BR and ended up at Bary in 1965.  John Buch recued the locomotive from Barry and moved it to Quainton. 

In October 1976 Bodmin was moved to the Mid Hants Railway were its overhaul was finished. It is now at Carnforth being overhauled in 2014

GWR 94xx 9466 

 GWR class 94xx 0-6-0ST number 9466 at Quainton.

GWR class 94xx 0-6-0ST number 9466 out in the open at Quainton.

The class 94XX was designed by Hawksworth, as a modern version of the 57XX 0-6-0PT. The first ten were built by the Great Western Railway. Then the next 180 were built for BR. This one is number 9466 and was built in November 1952 by Robert Stephensons and Hawthorns at its Newcastle works for the BR.  It was withdrawn in July 1964, and ended up in Barry Scrapyard in March 1965.

This locomotive has been at the Mid-Norfolk railway for the last few summers and looks nothing like the photo above now. It is now in BR black. It is also used on the mainline.

For a photos and videos of this engine in 2011 at the Mid-Norfolk Railway click here


BR Standard Class 4 2-6-0

BR Standard Class 4 2-6-0 76017?

There is no number on this locomotive I can find on this photo, so I hope I have the right locomotive! It just says Keep Off on the foot step. At this time there was lots of locomotives in bits at Quainton many of which were being repaired out in the open.

About 76017

This British Railways Standard 4 2-6-0, was based on a earlier LMS design .  The Standard 4s were built between 1952 and 1957.  76017 was completed in June 1953. 76017 moved from Quainton to the Mid-Hants Railway


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