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The Railway Centre is at Quainton. It is working steam museum with a 25 acre site were there there are locomotives wagons and carriages. Some of the locomotives are being done up and others are yet to be started..

 Collett class 57XX 0-6-0PT L99 locomotive           

Collett class 57XX 0-6-0PT L99 in London Transport colours at Quainton

Collett class 57XX 0-6-0PT L99 in London Transport colours at Quainton

The GWR Collett class 57XX 0-6-0PT was intorduced  in 1929 with about 863 of them delivered by 1950. This 57XX was given the number 7715 it was part of a batch of 25 built by Kerr Stuart and Co. in 1930,

In 1963 this locomotive was transferred from British Railways to London Transport were the number L99 was given to it.

It ended up at Quainton in 1970. It has over the years been painted in BR black and London Transport red and GWR green.

This Locomotive was at the North Norfolk Railway on hire for about two years. When It was withdrawn it returned to Quainton in May 2014


Peckett number 1900 0-4-0T

Peckett number 1900 0-4-0T

You have to see this engine to see how low it is. The driver has to nearly lay down to drive it. It was a one off built by Pecketts for the Courtaulds' plant at Flint in North Wales. The site was split in two by the main LMS railway line from Chester to Holyhead. The low bridge under the line would only take open wagons not full size locomotives.

This steam locomotive came to Quainton in September 1971. It has the nick name of the The Flying Bufferbeam.

British Railways Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-2T 41313           

British Railways Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-2T 41313

British Railways Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-2T 41313 out in the open without its boiler and water tanks at Quainton.

This locomotive had come to Quainton from the Woodham Brothers scrap-yard at Barry Docks in 1975, having been there since February 1966, It was purchased by the Ivatt Trust, as a source of spares for their two other locomotives. After a  change of mind it was decided to restore this locomotve to full working order.

41313 has now left the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre and was moved to Havenstreet on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway in August 2006, and placed in store.

In October 2014 the Isle of Wight Steam Railway decided to have the locomotive overhauled at the Cranmore workshops of the East Somerset Railway taking about 2 years. 

  Sentinel 0-4-0 at Quainton

Sentinel 0-4-0 at Quainton

This Sentinel 0-4-0 worked at Thomas E Grey Ltd of Burton Latimer near Kettering till 1958 were it was given the name of Isebrook.

This Sentinel had come to Quainton in 1972 and was steamed for the first time in 1979. it left Quainton in 2001, but came back in 2008.

This Sentinel 0-4-0 Isebrook left Quainton in May 2001 and went to the Rosemary Vineyards on the Isle of Wight. It then moved to the Lavender Line in 2008 but returned to Quainton in June 2008, then in 2009 it went to the Chinnor and Princess Risborough Railway.

It is now back The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton having its 10year overhaul (2014)

Sir Vincent at The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

 Sir Vincent at The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre 

Sir Vincent is an 0-4-0WT  and was built by Aveling and Porter in 1917 at Rochester in Kent.  They normally used to make traction engines. The flywheel and boiler look more like standard traction engines parts, than railway locomotive parts.

This locomotive left The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton in June 2003.

 South African Railways 5NC Class 4-8-4 No. 3405

South African Railways 5NC Class 4-8-4 No. 3405

A 100 of these 3ft 6inch gauge steam locomotives were built by the North British in the UK for South African Railways. Its makers number was 27291.  This 5NC Class 4-8-4 No. 3405 came to Quainton in 1991 from South Africa. It was brought back into the UK by the North British Locomotive Society.

This locomotive was being repaired when I took this photo and has since been repainted.


 Quainton Road signal box

 Quainton Road signal box

 Quainton Road signal box is at the Buckingham Railway Centre.

This signal box was relocated from Harlington, Bedfordshire, and rebuilt at Quainton.

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