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 Cambridge Railway station
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WAGN 365533 in Cambrige station in 2003
WAGN 365533 with a train to Kings Lynn in Cambrige station in 2003
In 2003 Cambridge railway station still only had it long platform with a crossover in the middle with room for two long trains and bay platforms at each end of the station. WAGN (West Anglia Great Northern) class 3655 and 317 EMUs used the long platform and bays at the south end and Anglia Railways with what were what were then new trains to Norwich used the northern bays. Anglia trains to Ipswich also used these northern bays.
WAGN trains to Kings Lynn and London Liverpool street and Kings Cross were also used the long main platform. Central Trains also used this platform with trains to and from Standsted airport and Birmingham. Anglia Railways also often used this platform with trains to Ipswich.The layout of platforms was ideal for wheelchairs as no footbridge was required, but made for a long walk from the bays at one end, to the bays at the other end of the station.
The out side of Cambridge railway station in 2003
Out side of Cambridge railway station in 2003. There were 100s of cycles left here on a working day. Cambridge is famous for its university, and it may have more cycles than any other town in the UK, and most were left twenty deep around the outside of the station each day!
Anglia Railways class 170 270 in platform 5 at Cambridge
Anglia Railways class 170 270 in platform 5, this is one of the northern bay platforms at Cambridge station in 2003. The class 170 is on a Cambridge to Norwich train.
WAGN class 317 336 EMU with a train to Liverpool Street
WAGN class 317 336 EMU with a train to Liverpool Street railway station in London in one of the southern bay platforms at Cambridge
The fine building behind the train was called Fosters Mill was damaged, when in March 2010, there was a major fire in it, during extensive demolition work on the mill.
Central Trains class 158  at Cambridge railway station.
A Central Trains class 158 using the cross over in the middle of Cambridge station. Note the space behind the unit were the new island platform has now been built.
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Cambridge North station 


Cambridge Station


Great Northern class 365511+ 365530 + 365506

'Abellio Greater Anglia' class 379 008 + 317667 + 379012

'Abellio Greater Anglia' class 170 206 + 170 208 + Cross Country class 170 639


Greater Anglia 379 022 & the New platforms & Greater Anglia 317 505


WAGN 365533+ Anglia Railways class 70270+  WAGN 317 336 + Central Trains 158   

Cambridge BR 

Class 31263 + class 37 + DMUs + Two class 31s + Class 08 108



Cambridge signal boxes

Cambridge South + Cambridge North +  Coldam Lane Junc + Cambridge Power Box 

Chesterton Junc + Shepreth Branch Junc