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Four engines at at the open Weekend at Carnforth in 2008

Four engines at at the open Weekend at Carnforth in 2008

Carnforth Steamtown was one of the main railway museum site in the UK till around 1997. The major features of the site is its ash plant and the Coaling tower.

The Opendays here were stopped in 1997 because of commercial activity and the amount of carrages and engines on the site. Not because of lack of people. 

West Coast Railways headquarters and its main depot for the company is at Carnforth, in the site of the steam MPD . West Coast Railways provides locomotives, stock and crews for  railtours across the country The company diesel locomotives are used to haul charter trains and move stock and it hot dry weather, placed behind or at the rear of trains. 

 In 2008 when I last went to the open day which was very good. The Ash Plant and the Coaling Tower were in a very poor state of repair, and the signal box looked like it had never been looked at since 1997. The Ash Plant and the Coaling Tower must be saved and not just left to fall down. Why are these not Grade One listed? It is not just locomotives that nead saving.

Think what it would have looked like with the six A4s lined up with the Ash Plant and the Coaling Tower behind them and no people standing in the way with phones.

I enjoyed the open day in 2008. Lets we have more and help save this site and its coaling towers. The photo of Flying Scotsman below shows what it was like, and still could be about.

A3 at Carnforth in Steam town days in 1976

A3 4472 Fying Scotsman near the Coaling Tower, when it was called Carnforth Steamtown

This locomotive which now owned my the NRM is still not back in steam in 2014

There is more at Carnforth Steamtown in 1976 on this site

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Four steam locomotives on shed

Four steam locomotives on shed in 2008 at the open day

British Railways van next to 8F 48151 on shed

A British Railways van and Stanier heavy freight 2-8-0 locomotive 48151 on shed in 2008 at the open day at Carnforth.

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 Open Day in 2008
and about
Steamtown Carnforth in 1976
 Line up of steam locomotives in 2008
Openday in 2008
 Class 60074 +  Class 40145   Class 80259  + Class 55022 +   Class 47798
Openday in 2008
0-6-0ST Lindsy
0-4-0ST W.T.T 
 5972 Howarts  Castle
70013 Oliver Cromwell
Openday in 2008
37229 Jonty Jarvis
 20302 + 20307
47802 Pride of Cumbria
Openday in 2008
West Coast Railways
Class 37676 + Class 37685 + Class 33029 + Class 37706 + Class 47355 +  Class 37710
Openday in 2008
Rusty class 47s
Class 47525 +  Class 47236
Class 47?36 +  Class 47368 Class 47772
Openday in 2008
Rusty class 37s
Line of  class 37s +
Class 37517 + unnumbered 37+ + Class 37668
Openday in 2008
0-4-0 fireless steam loco+ the old shed + steam heat van?+ mark one sleeping car
Openday in 2008
Selside signal box
Openday in 2008
Carnforth Station Signal Box
Steamtown Carnforth in 1976
Flying Scotsman +  Midland Compound no.1000    +   LNWR 2-4-0 no790 Hardwicke + LNER 1306 Mayflower
0-4-0T no.12 and 0-4-0 crane tank Glenfield no.1   +   DB 012-104-6 + 80014 + yellow fireless steaam locomotive 

This website is Ukrailways1970tilltoday.me.uk it is on railways but it is not just onthe  trains but all things railways, with photos, which I have taken from the 1970s till now. I take photos of all things railways, steam diesel and electric trains, signal boxes, wagons any thing that is on the National Rail network, which was British Rail when I started taken photos.

This page and ten more are about the Carnforth open day held in 2008 and Carnforth Steamtown on the same site which is now closed

Today  names like East Coast, East Midland Trains GBRF and Virgin Trains are just some of the names on the trains. The name on the train does not always mean, thats whos train it is these days. These names keep changing, but that means I have to keep taking photos. I also take photos of preserved railways with steam diesel and electric trains.There is lots more to add and I keep taking More photos!