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 Ely Railway Station
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 Ely signal boxes in BR days
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Ely station North signal box was next to the north end of Ely station.
Ely station North signal box was next to the north end of Ely station it opened in 1880. The gate lad who worked the gates,is having 5 mins in the sun waiting for a train to pass, as the gates are already closed to road traffic. This box closed in April 1992 when the Cambridge power box took over  control of Ely railways when the overhead wires came to Ely.
Today this road is very busy Lorrys are queued up every time the barriers come down, often right back into Ely. There is a very low under bridge just for cars here to the left of the level crossing.
The low road bridge at the railway station at Ely
The low bridge at at Ely station road crossing just for cars and cycles and small vans with a Central Trains class 170 in the station.
Ely South signal box
Ely South signal box was at the south end of Ely station and two fine signals.
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Ely Dock Junction signal box
Ely Dock Junction signal box
This box controled the junction to the line to Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich going off to the left as well as the Cambridge line
This box opened in 1928 and closed in 1992
List of the Signal Boxes on this site
North of Ely is the small hamlet of Queen Adelaide were three lines head out into the fens. One railway is the line to March and another line to goes to The Kings Lynn with stations at Littleport and Downham Market and Watlington andKings Lynn  (Overhead Wires to Kings Lynn)and one line goes to to Norwich. Here there was a large signal box looking like the three above, which is now closed called Ely North Junction which I never took a photo of.
Two of the signals and signs at the north end of Ely station in 2013
Two of the colour light signals and lots and lots of signs at the north end of Ely station in 2013 that have replaced the signals and signal boxes.


Ely Railway station (mix)
BR days
Ely signal boxes
Ely Queen Adelaide
Railway lines from ELY
The railway from Ely to March and Between March to Peterborough 
The ELY to Kings Lynn line with  stations at Littleportand Downham Market and Watlingtonand Kings Lynn
The railway line south to Cambridge
The railway line to Norwich
The railway to Ipswich