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 Ely Railway Station
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UK National railway
 Ely railway station in April 2016
Heritage Railways

'Great Northern 365s'
Great Northern class 365517
'Great Northern' class 365517 in Ely station 19th April in 2016 with a train to Kings Lynn.
 Great Northern class 365520
'Great Northern' class 365520 in Ely station 19th April in 2016 with a train to Cambridge from Kings Lynn in platform 2.
Ely railway station in 2016
Ely's platform 1 has the main station building and booking office on it. Ely also has a island platform with platform 2 and 3 on it. There is an tunnel under the main line for passengers to use to get to platforms 2 and 3.
'Great Northern' class 3655s EMUs are used on most of the trains to and from Kings Cross to Kings Lynn. Most are split or rejoined up to waiting 365s in Cambridge station. Most trains are 4 coach trains, between Cambridge and Kings Lynn.
The ELY to Kings Lynn line has stations at Littleport and Downham Market and Watlington and Kings Lynn  This line which has overhead wires leaves the Norwich line at the Queen Adelade junction.
'Abellio Greater Anglia' trains to and from Cambridge to Norwich stop at Ely as do 'Abellio Greater Anglia' trains from Peterborough to Ipwsich.
'Greater Anglia' trains were renamed 'Abellio Greater Anglia' in December 2013.
'Cross Country' trains  from Standsted Airport to Birmingham stop in Ely station .
'East Midland Trains'  trains to and from Norwich to Notingham and Liverpool also use Ely station reversing in the station in platform 3 most of the time, and then heading back the way they came in towards the Queen Adelade junction after the driver has changed ends. They turn off at the Queen Adelade Junction towards March and Peterborough for Nottingham or Liverpool or carry on the main line for Norwich.
There is also a lot of freight to and from the line to Ipswich.
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Ely Railway station (mix)
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Railway lines from ELY
The railway from Ely to March and Between March to Peterborough 
The ELY to Kings Lynn line with  stations at Littleportand Downham Market and Watlingtonand Kings Lynn
The railway line south to Cambridge
The railway line to Norwich
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