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The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway
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KWVR Steam
47279 in Keighley station
47279 in Keighley station in 2006.
LMS Fowler 3F Jinty 0-6-0T
47279 is a LMS Fowler 3F Jinty 0-6-0T which are far better known as a Jinty.
This  Jinty is based at the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway
2-6-4T 80002 on Freight at Keighley
2-6-4T 80002 on a Freight at Keighley in 2006.
0-6-0T no85 at Keithley in 2006
0-6-0T no.85 at Keithley in 2006
WD 90733 in 2007
90733 at the Keighley and Worth Valley in 2007 at Keithley station.
This WD Austerity 2-8-0 was built during the Second World War by the Vulcan Foundry in 1945, ready to be shipped out after D Day or the end of the war, to replaced destroyed locomotives.  This one went to the Netherlands Railways, to help get the railways there going again after the war.
There were two sorts of these large Austerity War Depertment locomotives. the 2-8-0 locomotive like this one and a 2-10-0 version.
The WD 2-8-0s and 2-10-0s were basic engines not meant to last long with no frills,  and as few castings as possible. Build quick, simple and in large numbers was the order off the day.
Of the 935 2-8-0s that were built, none of the 733 WD 2-8-0s that ran after the war on British Railways were saved.
In 1953 this locomotive which is now numbered 90733, was sold on by Netherlands Railways to the Swedish State Railways, were it worked till 1958. It was then Stored. This locomotive was found in Sweden, and in 1973 it came back to the UK to the KWVR.
Photo of what was to become 90733 at KWVR
This is what this WD 2-8-0 looked when it first came from Sweden to the KWVR.
This locomotive ran on the KWVR in its Swedish state for about three years, till it required a full overhaul.
Netherlands Railways and the Swedish Railways had modified this engine with a new cab and a new 6 wheel tender and changed pipe work and lots of the fittings.(Some of these were needed so to make parts last and be safe)
It was decided that it this engine would be put to its original condition. But with some BR parts if they had been changed by BR. An eight wheel tender frame was found a new cab was made as well as a new tender top with all new pipe work. The list of parts repaired or replaced can be found on the KWVR web site,(if the list is still there), it was a big job.
The number 90733 is plus one, on the last BR number given to a WD 2-8-0. This is in much the same way as the new A1 Tornado was numbered.
Well done to all who helped with this locomotive.
Great Western 2-8-0 number 3802
Great Western 2-8-0 number 3802 at the KWVR.
Great Western Railway 2884 Class 2-8-0 steam locomotive that was designed for heavy freight.
2-6-2T no.41241 at Harworth
2-6-2T no.41241 at Harworth
The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway
This railway runs from Keighley to Oakwoth along the Worth Valley. There are stations at Ingrow, Damems and Harworth.
The line was closed by BR in 1962 and was then reopened by The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway in 1968. This was 101 years after the line had opened in 1867.
The railway has now been open and run by the KWVR for 50 years in 2018.
The railway was were the film The Railway Children was shot.
KWVR 40th reopening Special Day in 2008
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