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0-6-0WT Bellerophon
24th April 2011

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0-6-0WT Bellerophon
0-6-0WT Bellerophon at Ludborough on the 24th April 2011
Bellerophon is a 0-6-0 well tank steam locomotive, that was built for Haydock collieries by the Haydock foundry. 6 of this tank enginges were built.They were designed by Josiah Evans. This locomotive had come from the Foxfield railway for this event.
0-6-0 Bellerophon comes into Ludborough station
0-6-0WT Bellerophon comes into Ludborough station on the 24th April 2011
Two Peckett 0-4-0s into North Thoresby station
Two Peckett 0-4-0STs come into North Thoresby station on the 24th April 2011
The Lincolnshire Wolds Railway Peckett steam locomotive named Fulstow No.2 together with another Peckett 0-4-0ST No 1438 that had come from the Corus Steelworks at Scunthorpe.
Fulstow No 2 is a Peckett 0-4-0St that was built in 1928 with a makers number of 1749
Two 0-4-0STs in North Thoresby station
The two 0-4-0s in North Thoresby station on the 24th April 2011
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4.  Ludborough signal box 
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