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Britannia at March on 11th September 2012

Video of this train on this page
Britannia at March 11-9-2012

Britannia comes into March station with its surport coach in 2012


70000 Britannia was on a Cathedrals Express from Salisbury to Ely  on the 11th September 2012. The passengers had to get off the train at Ely railway station and then the locomotive and the empty coaching stock (ECS) had come to March. The stock was put into a very weedy loop in the south yard. The driver brought Britannia very slowly into that loop. The locomotive and surpport coach were uncoupled and headed for the Whitemoor triangle were the locomotive was turned. Unlike other years the locomotive was not coaled at Whitemoor, but returned to the South Yard were it was watered and coaled be for returning to Ely with the empty coaching stock (ECS)  


BR Britannia Class 7MT 4-6-2 no 70000 named Britannia also came to March on a Cathedrals Express from Alresford to Ely on Thursday 7th June 2012 in very wet weather.


When it came to March in 2011 it was painted in BR black  on the ECS of a Cathedrals Express on the 14th of July 2011 that day it had no name plates. (video on that page)


Britannia has now been repainted back into BR green

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The video below is of Britannia on the 11th September 2012 at March railway station.

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Britannia at March on the 11th September 2012

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