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 Bank Holiday MONDAY 7th MAY 2018
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The Mid Suffolk Light Railway or The Middy
WSLR coach No.13
WSLR coach No.13 at Brockford and Wetheringsett station on the 7th May 2018
WSLR coach No.12
WSLR coach No.12 at Brockford and Wetheringsett station on the 7th May 2018
0-4-0 Ruston Diesel shunter 'Alston'
0-4-0 Ruston Diesel shunter 'Alston' at Brockford and Wetheringsett station on the 7th May 2018.
Cockerill 0-4-0VBWT tram No. 2525
Cockerill 0-4-0VBWT tram No. 2525.  This tram was built in 1906 in Belgian.The boiler is mounted vertically.  It was on Display at Brockford and Wetheringsett station on the 7th May 2018 .

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Mid-Suffolk Light Railway
Mid-Suffolk Light Railway
The original Mid-Suffolk Light Railway, or Middy as it was to became better known as, was built to provide transport for this very rural part of Suffolk. It was built to standard gauge in accordance with the 1896 Light Railway Act.
The railway opened in 1904 for goods and then in 1908 for passengers from Haughley to Laxfield From Laxfield another mile of track was then laid to Cratfield and a few freight trains used this section for a few years be for this section was closed. A branch off the Middy main line from Kenton to Westfield was also built, but some freight trains were run, but this part of the line was soon closed
The Middy was taken over by the LNER under the grouping, but it took till June 1924 for it to became part of the LNER. This offical date was back dated to the 1st January 1923. This delay was so all its outstanding liabilies could be storted out.
This railway made little money over the years and was closed on the 26th July in 1952 by British Railways
40 years after it closed, a group of enthusiasts in 1992 formed a Company to recreate the Middy. They have rebuilt a station on the site of the Brockford and Wetheringsett railway station. this station used to served the villages of Wetheringsett and Brockford Green.The station was about six miles from Haughley and had just two small corrugated iron clad huts for its booking office and passengers waiting rooms.
The railway is today a heritage railway and a museum Brockford and Wetheringsett station that is run by a small, but dedicated band of volunteers whose aim is to open all the old light railway, but because it was a light railway little of it now remains.
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