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'Nene Valley Class 40 Gala in 2008'
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Class 40145 and D306

Class 40145 and D306 at Wansford
Class 40145 and D306 at Wansford station in 2008
Two class 40s, Class 40 145 with D306 at the class 40 weekend, at the Nene Valley Railway's Wansford station. 40145 was at the Nene Valley for just this weekend
English Electric Type 4 (later class 40)
English Electric had got a order under the British Railways Modernisation Plan of 1955 for a pilot match of 10 200 h.p locomotives the first of which was delivered in 1958. 190 more were ordered after successful trails of the first ten. These were all to be built at the the English Electric's Vulcan Foundry but because the Deltics were also being built at the same time, 20 of the order were built by Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn at Darlington
Class 40 145
Class 40145 was purchased and delivered to Bury at the East Lancashire Railway in February 1984. The Class 40 Preservation Society is a group of rail enthusiasts dedicated to preserving and operating working examples of English Electric Type 4s (later class 40) at the East Lancashire Railway.
Class 40145 is painted in BR blue with very large BR arrows and large numbers and all round yellow ends up to the doors.
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Class 40 Weekend 2008


Class 40145 and D306 at Wansford station in 2008 this page


Class D306  at Wansford in 2008

This part of the web site has two pages of photos taken on the Nene Valley during The Nene Valleys class 40 Diesel Weekend in March 2008
The Nene Valley Railway now (2014) runs from Peterborough to Wansford railway station and then on to Yarwell junction. Wansford Station is on part of the old A1 at Stibbingson and is about 2 miles from the village of Wansford itself. The line is about 7 1/2 miles long. It now has the Fletton Branch which is about another mile and a bit.
Next page is on the class 40 gala in 2008
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