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'Diesel Weekend in October 2008'
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Class 73136
Class 73136 at Wansford station
Class 73136 Perseverance at the October 2008 Diesel weekend on Saturday 4th October at the Nene Valley Railway's Wansford station. 73136 was at the rear of a train with the NVRs DMU. These diesel days do throw up some odd mixtures.
Class 73136 Persererance was a visiting engine coming for just this weekend only.
Class 73136 is owned by the Class 73 Preservation Company Ltd, and is based at Eastleigh Works (2009).
73136 is a Class 73 Electro-Diesel with a Bo-Bo wheel arrangement and is one of 49 built at Eastleigh and the Vulcan Foundry.
Class 73s can pick the 600-750v DC from third rail, but also have a English Electric Four Cylinder diesel engine which be used when away from third rail lines.
As the Nene Valley has no third rail the diesel engine was used all weekend.
73136 was built by English Electric at  the Vulcan Foundry in 1966. 73136 was withdrawn in May 2002
Class 73136 Persererance at Wansford in 2008
At this end of the locomotive Class 73136 Persererance is numbered E 6043 its pre-tops number under British Railways with 73136 at the other end.
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Nene Valley October 2008


Class 73136 Persererance E 6043 at Wansford in 2008 This page


Class 56312 ARTEMIS on shed at Wansford in October 2008


D8069 (class 20) in Wansford station in October 2008


Class 25 057 at Wansford in October 2008


Class 37518 at Wansford in October 2008


Class 47 270 Swift + De Glen compound 4-6-0 Nord 3.628 (SNCF 230 D 116) in poor state about to leave the NVR



This part of the web site has 6 pages of photos taken on the Nene Valley during The Nene Valleys Diesel Weekend in October 2007
The Nene Valley Railway now (2014) runs from Peterborough to Wansford railway station and then on to Yarwell junction. Wansford Station is on part of the old A1 at Stibbingson and is about 2 miles from the village of Wansford itself. The line is about 7 1/2 miles long. It now has the Fletton Branch which is about another mile and a bit.
Next page is on the Diesel Gala in October 2008
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