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4-6-2 no.34067 Tangmere in 2004


Heritage Railways

Tangmere at Peterborough in Westwood Yard in 2004
34067 Tangmere was being watered and serviced in Westwood Yard in 2004.
34067 Tangmere is a unrebuilt Battle of Britain class 4-6-2 steam locomotive that was being watered and serviced in Westwood Yard which is in Peterborough in 2004
The photo above was not taken from the inside of Westwood Yard. They were not letting any one into the yard . So I walked along side the dual carriage were there are lots of bushes and trees that have been planted along side the yard. l made my way though with great difficulty (Deepest Peterborough) and then was faced with the ever present anti-vandal fence. Some one was taking official photos of Tanmere. I was still using 35mm film and hung the camera up over the fence in hope, and took this shot. The man on the tender in a yellow vest looked surprised to see, me thinking they would have the only photos
This part of Westwood yard is now part of the new EMU sidings for Great Northern
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