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UK National railway

The Scarborough Flyer on Saturday 8th March 2003

Heritage Railways

V2 2-6-2 Green Arrow and a GNER train at Peterborough

LNER V2 2-6-2 Green Arrow and a GNER train at Peterborough
On Saturday 8th March 2003 I went to Peterborough North station to see the National Railway Museum's LNER V2 2-6-2 Green Arrow at about 7- 30am. The train it was booked to get to Peterborough at 7-40am having been booked to leave Kings Cross at the unearthly hour for a Saturday morning of 6-18am.
The train was to travel from Peterborough to York and then to Scarborough getting there at 1-13pm. "it not left the Cross yet" said the first person I saw. "Be in about 9am". The morning was cold but the the sun popped out at 7-45 when the train had been booked in. The sun then went in and we all got cold
Be in at Ten",was next then 10-30 it came in about 11-10 over two hours late. This was no fault of the steam train but the empty coaching stock had been late, (very late) into Kings Cross.
Green Arrow out of platform 4 at Peterborough
Green Arrow at the north end of Peterborough station on the same day
Green Arrow which is a NRM engine will not be running again on the main line or on other railways as the NRM has decided to not overhaul it again at this point in time. As the amount of work will cost to much. A lot of the engine will need to be renewed. Never is not a word that has been used!
With the Flying Scotsman taking till 2016, and the cost far more than NRM thought it would be another the NRM will think hard befor starting on a big locomotive again.
Will Green Arrow ever be back on the main lines?
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