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Swanage Railway

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Swanage signal box at Swanage station

Swanage signal box at Swanage station on the Swanage Railway.


This signal box is at Swanage station. The 40 lever frame came from the Brockenhurst B signal box. Swanage box itself was built from scratch and opened around 2003.

Swanage box is built into the bank

Swanage box is built into the bank, as space was at a premium.

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The Swanage Railway is on Isle of Purbeck which is on the English south coast. The railway takes its name from its southern terminus at the south coast seaside resort of Swanage. Car parking for any one coming by car is best at the northern terminus at Norden which is set up as park and ride station. The railways other stations are at Corfe Castle, Harman's Cross and Herston.

The railway to Swanage was operated by the London & South Western Railway Company and opened in 1885

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