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Twenty Feet River signal box


 Twenty Feet River signal Box

Twenty Feet River signal box

This box was named Twenty Feet River closed when the GN&GEJR to Spalding line closed This box had a very short life it was only opened in 1974 and closed in 1982. The signal box it replaced a box was called Twenty Feet Siding which was sinking into the fens. The lever frame in this box came from the closed box at Spital Junction at Peterborough.



Twenty Feet River signal box after it closed
Twenty feet River box after the line closed

The weeds are begining to take hold on the track at Twenty feet. This was at the northern end of the large Whitemoor yard. We are standing on what was GN&GEJR March to Spalding line .

The fens to the right of the picture are mile on mile, of fields as flat as a pancake. You would be hard pressed to find a more open and break place to put a large marching yard. The up yard was entered to the left just after the bridge. The box is all boarded up and name plates removed. Today Whitemoor prison is on some part of the yard.

This part of this site is of some of the signal boxes around March in Cambridgeshire.

Although some signal boxes in March are still in use in 2010, this signal box closed in 1982.

Signal at March Twenty Foot river bridge road crossing

Signal at March Twenty Foot river bridge road crossing when the GN&GEJR March to Spalding line was open. The train is signaled to go into Whitemoor yard.

This signal has been left were it is and is still standing but there is no railway left.

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