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MARCH To Spalding Railway

About  the March to Spalding Railway Line


The closed March to Spalding railway line

 Heritage Railways


A pair of class 20s between Guyhirn and Murrow

A pair of class 20s on the March to Spalding raiway line.

This line is now Closed 

The March to Spalding line started at March station, but then went though the Whitemoor yard and didn’t really start till the Twenty feet signal box at the north en of Whitemoor Yard

The fens are mile on mile, of fields as flat as a pancake. You would be hard pressed to find a more open and break place.

The railway used to  then to go on to a viaduct at Ring's End some of which is still in place but the part over the March road has been removed. The railway then went ovr the River Nene on a Bridge which was surpposed to have been left when the line closed in case the line ever reopened, but it was removed. The railway then when over  the A47 road on a a bridge and into the village of Guyhirne.

Guyhirne railway station  was opened by the Great Northern Railway in 1867.It was closed to passengers in 1953. Goods traffic then remained till 1964

Class 31132 on a freight

Class 31132 on a freight 

A pair of class 20s with 20135 on a freight

A pair of class 20s on a freight

Class 31326 on a passenger train

Class 31326 on a passenger train

Class 37154 at Gyyhirn on a freight

Class 37154 at Guyhirne on a freight

Two Class 20s at Guyhirn light engines

Two Class 20s at Guyhirne light engines going over the A47 road.

This bridge has been removed but the garage is still in the same place.

Murrow is the next village along the line

There was a station at Murrow West was on the railway line between March in Cambridgeshire and Spalding on the Great Northern and Great Eastern Joint Railway. The station had opened in 1867 and was closed in July 1953.

This Murow station was not the only station in Murrow. A second station was on the Midland and Great Northern Joint line this was called Murrow East.

This line crossed the Great Northern and Great Eastern Joint Railway on the level here just to north of the GN&GEJR station.

There was a station at French Drove in the middle of nowere and then a Postland which was also in the fens but was for the village of Crowland which was least 3 miles away.

There was also a station in the village Cowbite. All the stations on the line were closed for passengers befor the railway closed.

Two class 20s on a freight at French Drove

 Two class 20s on a freight at French Drove

The Doncaster to Cambridge DMU services were one of the last passenger services on this line. It stopped at Spalding for about 15mins and at March for about 30mins and at Ely for another long stop.

When the March Spalding line closed these very slow trains were moved to go round by Peterborough with short station stops and faster units. Today you have change at Peterbough as there is no Doncaster to Cambidge train.

Class 31 on a tanker train at Cowbit

Class 31 on a tanker train at Cowbit

There has been some talk of this line re-opening, but some of the main briges have been removed and Whitemoor Prison and The New Network rail Yard has built oversome over some the line at March. Some of the A16 Spading bypass and new houses have been built at Spalding, on the old track bed. The longer time goes by the more it will cost and it may never happen .

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