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Peterborough to March
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Whittlesea Railways in 2004
Anglia 153314 in Whittlesea station
Anglia class 153314 in Whittlesea station in 2004
Anglia 153314 was being used to advertise the Norfolk Festival in Norwich. At this time (2004) "Anglia" was running the stopping train that stopped at Whittlesea station
In 2004 Whittlesea railway station was served by "Anglia" trains and Central Trains.
Whittlesea station is today (2016) Managed by Abellio Greater Anglia. The station has two open platforms . Not all trains stop at this station.
The railway goes around Whittlesea with the station on the edge and a fair walk from the centre of the town.
Anglia class 153322 at Whittlesea in 2004
Anglia class class 153322 at Whittlesea in 2004.
The signal is still here in January 2016.
Anglia Railways
Anglia Railways operated its franchise between 5th January 1997 and 31st March 2004. It operated a number Stopping trains though Whittlesea, it was owned by GB Railways.
After 1st April 2004 Anglia Railways franchise was transferred to London Eastern Railway Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the National Express Group. It was branded as 'ONE' from 1st April 2004 to 26th February 2008. Then they rebranded it "National Express East Anglia".
In 2016 Abellio Greater Anglia now runs this franchise. The National Express Group's franchise was not renewed on the 31st March 2011, when the franchise ran out.
Class 60076 in 2004
Class 60076 in 2004
The Peterborough to March Railway line
The railway line between Peterborough and March  runs from Peterborough railway station and then across the River Nene and under the ECML,  past the site of Peterborough East station. Peterborough East was the main Great Eastern Railway Peterborough  station for this line. This station was closed and all services transferred to the Great Northern Peterborough North station, now called just plain Peterborough.
The line heads out of Peterborough to Kings Dyke were there are brick works. There is a signal box at Kings Dyke on the main Peterborough Whittlesea road. The first and only station is at Whittlesea which is still open. There is a signal box called Whittlesea here.
The line then heads out across the fens towards March. At Turves a small hamlet or village were there is a signal box called Three Horse Shoes.
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