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Peterborough 2018 - till today  
  Peterborough 2000-- 2013      Peterborough 1970s-- 1999 
Virgin East Coast class 91105
Virgin East Coast class 91105 on the 12th of March 2015
The Nene Valley Railway and The  Peterborough to March line  also have there own pages.
Peterborough railway station is on the busy East Coast Main Line (ECML) railway line from London to Scotland. It is a very busy railway station with lots of trains to and from London and Scotland. There are trains from Birmingham, Norwich, Cambridge and Lincoln. Also there are trains from Nottingham and Liverpool.
To the east of Peterborough there is the railway line which comes into Peterborough under the ECML from Ely and to west the line comes into Peterborough alongside the ECML from Stamford and Leicester. There is also the line to Spalding and Sleaford to the North east. These are as well as the line ECML which runs north to South.
In this part of the Web site about Peterborough which has many pages there are all types of trains and locomotives from the 1970s till today. There is also some mainline steam at Peterborough.
The BR pages have locomotives like Class 31s and Deltics, also class 37s and class 47s and HSTS and DMUs and class 08s.
When the overhead wires came and the EMUs took over the local trains to Kings Cross and Class 91s and Mark 4s took over on the main ECML trains together with the HSTs.
East Coast HST 43367 in platform 3 at Peterborough
East Coast HST 43367 in platform 4 at Peterborough in what was now the Old East Coast Colours be for the station was changed.
In the last few years, class 66s from GBRf and EWS and Freighliner have taken over on a lot of the freight.  Passenger trains on the ECML were with GNER and are now with Vigin East Coast.
WAGN changed to First Capital Connect and now (2015) Thameslink Great Northern. Central Trains is now East Midland trains and Cross Country. There is also Hull trains and Grand Central. This all makes for a real mixture.
East Midlands Trains class 156412
East Midlands Trains class 156412 in what was then platform 2 in 2009
Class 55 Deltic between Yaxley and Farcet in BR days
Class 55 Deltic between Yaxley and Farcet in BR days.
Virgin East Coast has took over from East Coast at the start of March 2015 and started to repaint the class 91s and mark 4s and DVTs. LNER has now Taken over from Virgin
As things change over the next few years at Peterborough, I hope to keep adding to this web site.
We have now got more platforms at Peterborough with lifts at last, So there will always be new photos to take.
GNER HST at Peterborough station in 2005
GNER HST in the old platform 3 at Peterborough in 2005
See Peterborough 2014 till today for more detail on these new platforms
I have been adding details and changed the Peterborough part of this web site as the station was being rebuilt, and will try update the site as it all becomes finished.
 Full details are on each page of the many on Peterborough on this site.
Peterborough on this site is in now in three main parts  Peterborough 2014 till today   and Peterborough 2000 till 2013  and  Peterborough 1970s  till  1999(BR)
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 Platform 1       Platform 2      Platform 3 
Down Fast      Platform 4 pages 1  2 3  4
 Platform 5  pages 1 2 3    Platform 6 pages1 2 3 
Platform 7  Avoiding line  Depot
Werrington  & 'The Werrington Grade Separation'
  Werrington Cock lane Footbridge  pages 1 2 3 4 
Werrington Hurn road footbridge pages  5  6
Old Lincoln Road Hurn A15 Road bridge   page  7 
 More in 2019  
Peterborough 2000 to 2013
YAXLEY   Crown Lakes   Just south of Station 
    Platform 1 (Bay Platform)  Platform 2  1  2  3  4 
  Platform 3  1  2  3    Fast Lines  1  2  3  
 Platform 4  1  2  3  4  5  6     Platform 5  1  2   3   4 
Goods loops  1  2   3    Depot  1  2   3   4  5  6 
Westwood Yard   North of Station   Werrington  
About Peterborough
YAXLEY  & FARCET   Fly-Ash line    Fletton BR 
Power Station to Peacock bridge   Just South of Station  
GNR Station    Platform 1(bay)  PLATFORM 2  
 PLATFORM 3  Fast Lines BR    PLATFORM 4   
PLATFORM 5    Freight Loops BR  North of station  
DEPOT BR   Westwood Yard Brotherhoods steam  
Walton crossing BR   Werrington BR 
Eastfield signal box   New England East Shunting Cabin
Peterborough Power Box
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