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Birmingham New Street Station
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323243 at Birmingham New street station
Class 323243 into New Street station
Cross Country class 170 112
Cross Country class 170 112 in platform 10 at New Street station on the 26th of July 2007
Class 323242 in New Street station in 2006
Class 323242 in New Street station in 2006
Birmingham New Street Station
There was just a little open day light at each end of Birmingham New Street Station be for the latest remodelling, all the rest of the station was under offices and shops
Birmingham New street Station is one of the Uk's largest stations and it is under other buildings and rather dark. All the ticket offices and coffee shops are above the platforms and you often have to use the escalators steps or lifts to get to the platforms. The amount of trains using the station means that the TV screens show lots of pages but only about 30mins 60mins ahead at peak times.
New Street station is on the West Coast Main Line with trains to London and Liverpool, Manchester and Scotland.
There are also trains to north and south Wales plus the south west and  the south of England.Trains also go to the the north east of England Leeds and York and Newcastle. Trains go to the east to Leicester and Peterborough and then on to Cambridge and Stansted Airport.
Trains also go to Shrewsbury Newcastle and Bournemouth and Bristol as well as Plymouth. These are just some of the towns served from this station. Along side all these trains lots of local Birmingham trains also use the station. In fact you can go to amost any were in the Uk from this hub
New Street is not Birmingham's only main line station with trains to London. Birmingham Moor Street station is a short  (for the fit ) walk away and Snow Hill Station is also not to far away.
Work was well in hand in 2017 on the "Birmingham Gateway" to redevelopment and make New Street a far better station. This will hopefully make it lighter and more passenger friendly. This is costing £6,000000 pounds and will hopefully be done by 2015. Any one who has used this station will say, "it's not be for time!"

Birmingham Railways


 1 New Street Station

Moor Street Station

 3  Tyseley mainline railway Station in 2008


 4  Tyseley Railway Museum open day steam locomtives

 5 Tyseley Railway Museum open day Diesel locomotives

 6  Tyseley Railway Museum open day more locomotives

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