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These pages are about railway wagons that have been saved. The links in the lists below will be added to as the web site gets bigger. There many more wagons to add to this list yet.

Covered 10T van  at the Mangapps Museum Railway

Covered 10T van  at the Mangapps Museum Railway

This page of the website will have links to all the wagons on this site. but so far there are only links to some of them 

This Page is about some of the wagons that have been saved. It is not just locomotives that needed saving. Today with no short wheelbase unfitted wagons left on the main lines, someone needed to have saved some.

The very slow pick up freight, stopping at small way side stations are long gone. Todays airbraked trains of long wheel base wagons can now do 60mph. These freights are now in block trains.

The local pick freight would pick up one wagon from a small wayside station. This  train took the wagon to a larger freight yard. The wagons were then shunted onto to another freight train to another yard, were it would then be shunted into another pick freight. This traffic was slow. These trains used wagons that had change little over the years. It often took days to get from A to B.

Coal oil and fish and livestock plus parcels newspapers and mail were all moved by rail plus ever sort of cargo that day goes by road. Moving cargos like coal and iorn ore was why the railways were opened. The roads were often only muddy tracks when the railway first opened. Trains to carry people came later. Saving wagons is just as important as locomotives.

(There are other wagons at railways all around the site, not yet linked from this page yet)


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Nene Valley Railway wagons

Open wagons wood
Open wagons steel
Covered Vans
PW wagons
CWS Coal Department Manchester
21T hopper wagon B427960 
12T Banana van B881987
17T Mackeral DB992358
Peterborough Coal & Coke Co Ltd
21T hopper wagon B430226 
Palvan B778810
Shark E DB 993836
12T open SHOCK wagon B721890
Mainline ZBA DB977584
B761651 venterated van
Lowmac 1
12T open wagon S5869
Mainline ZBA DB972206
Venterated Van B786075
Lowmac 2
3-plank open wagon
Mainline ZBA DB984194
Venterated van B759852 
16T Mineral wagon B595229
12T venterated van B774874
MOD no.4730 steel open wagon
Venterated Van Wansford no number 
Brake Vans 
B494730 as above repainted
Venterated Van B785122 
20T  Brake Van B954024
Tank Wagons
Vanfit B77765
Brake Van B953944
14T ESSO  tank wagon
 NVR pages on this site
Van in bay Wansford no number
Brake Van S55550
20T Brake van 9300/4

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List of some of the Wagons at The Great Central railway  

Open wagons wood

16T Mineral wagons steel

Wagons Open steel

Shocbar 12T B721587
 12T open wagon B724570
16T Mineral wagon  B593185 .
13T open wagon B461074.
16T Mineral wagon  B573403
3 plank wooden wagon
16T Mineral Wagon B279704 .

13T steel open wagon E281882 

E zcv D S61953 Pipe wagon
16T Mineral Wagon B279705.
21ton  hopper wagon B425356 
16T Mineral Wagon B279710.
Iorn Ore tipper
16T Mineral Wagon B279711.
Shock wagon with no number
16T Mineral Wagon B279713.
RUDD TLF-W wagon
Mountsorrel Granite wagons 
16T Mineral Wagon B279018.

ZDV wagon

3-plank open Mountsorrel Granite no.127  .
16T Mineral Wagon B279722.


5-plank open Mountsorrel Granite no.539  .
16T Mineral wagon  B279723.

Brake vans

5-plank open Mountsorrel Granite no.654   .
Goods Brake van LMS 730562 .
Flat wagons
16T Mineral wagon B279725.
Goods Brake B954268.
16T Mineral Wagon B279742.
Goods Brake van B954546 .
13T Conflat A wagon B505313
16T Mineral wagon B550356.
Brake van at GCR 
16T Mineral Wagon B562230
Conflat A B507489 
16TMineral Wagon B573124.
16T mineral wagon  B589204  

Covered Vans Page1

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Tank Wagons

16T covered van S48564 .
ESSO tank wagon 2335
Covered van W 18422 .

Tank wagon no. 164253

Ale van B768184 

Tank wagon A4513

Shockvan van B85838
TMD Friction Braking Development tank  
Covered van B763305   
tank wagon no. ZRP KDB998926

Covered Vans Page2

P-Way Wagons
Covered van no.Kdb 753722


Pal-van no number
BR 20T Grampus wagon DB991408


Covered Van Quorn 
Dogfish Ballast wagon (one)


Covered van grey
Dogfish Ballast wagon  (two)  
Venterated van 854782  
Dogfish Ballast wagon (three) 
Parcels van no. PMV S1706S
Dogfish Ballast wagon (four)
Dogfish Ballast wagon (five)
Dogfish Ballast wagon HPA 9927144 (six)
Great Central main page on this site

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North Yorkshire Moors Railway 

Open wagons steel
Covered Vans
Tank wagons
21T steel Hopper wagon B 431861 
12T covered van B762112
United Molasses tank Wagon no6
21T hopper wagon  E 307005 
12T covered Shoc Van B 853043  
ESSO tank wagon 2716
Open Wagons wood
Gunpowder covered van 7T M288824. 
Open Shock wagon S14036  
Covered 12T van B753473  
North Eastern Railway number 8495 
LMS 20T brake van M732170
Goods Brake  Van B954854


NYMR Railway pages  


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Wagons at Great Central Nottingham (GCRN)

Covered Vans
  Goods Brake vans
12T Palvan B778771.
Brake van 952282.
Palvan WGB 4023.
20T brake van B964353.
12T Van WGB 4178.
GWR Toad brake van 68500
Van DB 784455.
Van VAA 200631
  Open wagons wood 
Siphon G bogie Milk Van.
  Open Wagon  M411453 
Ferry van B786902    Other wagons 
wagon with sleepers on it
Plate wagon

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 Didcot Railway Centre Locomotives  Large Wagon List and Didcot Centre pages

Wagons At the Didcot Railway Centre  
Covered Vans page1
Tank wagons page 2
Mink G 20Ton van  112843.
Tar tank wagon No.1
GWR TEVAN 79933.
Royal Daylight oil tank wagon no.745
12 tons Mink A van 101720
Express Dairy tank wagon SR4409
Fruit C covered van no.2862
6 wheel Drinking Water Tank Wagon  
10 tons Iron Mink covered van 11152 
Fish Bloate covered van no. 2671
20T Toad brake van  68684
Covered van WGB 4166  
20T Toad brake van 950592
Covered Van 101836
Breakdown Train Vehicle no1
Breakdown Train Vehicle no 56

Didcot Center Pages

Open wagons page 4
Didcot Railway Center Steam 
12T China clay open wagon 92943
Didcot Railway Centre- Steam 1975 +Diesels 2008
GWR Loco Coal wagon 63066

Frome Mineral Junction Signal Box at Didcot

Macaw.B no.70335  
Chaired sleeper wagon 100682
PNA 21.5T GWS55267


This page is all about the railway  wagons.

These wagons above  are just some of the wagons that have been saved  

(There are other wagons at railways all around the site, not yet linked from this page yet)

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