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46521 derailed at Quorn and Woodhouse station in 2013

46521 at Quorn and Woodhouse on Staturday 27th April 2013

The Swithland Steam Gala  2013 was billed with 8 locomotives four of which were visitors to the Great Central. This event was to mark the opening of Swithland sidings to the public with the signal box in full use. It was also the last chance to see the Great Western King , King Edward ll on its first visit to the GCR be for returning to The GWS at Didcot.

When I got to Loughborough it was very quite with nothing running. The news soon came that 46521 had derailed at the catch point at Quorn and Woodhouse coming out of the siding with the TPOs. The photo above was taken when trains started running and I got to Quorn.

There is video not taken by me on Youtube of this derailment. I will not say who is to blame, as I was not there at the time.

In less than a hour trains were back up and running and and the steam breakdown train was being fired up, with the lifting back on by the steam crane of 46521, starting after trains stopped on the Saturday night.

No long term harm was done to the locomotive, and it was soon back in service

I think this gala may be remembered for all the wrong reasons, which is a pity as it was very good gala.

 The Geat Central Railways own Rapier steam breakdown train

The Geat Central Railways own Rapier steam breakdown train worked over night to clear the locomotive.

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46521 derailed at Quorn and Woodhouse

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