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  Winter Steam Gala 29th January 2011      ( page 1 of 3 )

The Great_Central Railway



Holding a steam Gala in January is always going to be cold. 2011 was not warm, but for January the weather was good. There was a fair mixture of locomotives, and it was a good day out.


5526 with a Great Western Auto train coming into Rothley station

5526 with a Great Western Auto train coming into Rothley station


5526 is a 2-6-2T of the 4575 class that were introduced by the GWR in 1927. They are a slightly enlarged versions of the 45xx Class. This steam locomotive number 5526 was completed at  the Swindon works of the GWR in May 1928. It is now based at The South Devon Railway, and is painted in British Railways black with the early British Railways crest.

Great Western Auto train into Rothley station

The Great Western Auto train in Rothley station


This auto coach is No.178 and is in the GWR chocolate and cream livery. This Auto coach was built in 1930, by the Great Western Railway. It is based at the Dean Forest Railway, when not at other railways like this visit to the Great Central.

These auto trains were the steam for runners, of todays DMUs and EMUs, with controls at this end of the coach when runing this way. The driver coming to this end, with the fireman staying in the locomotive. The driver operates the regulator and brakes and the whistle by levers and rods under the coach which are connected to the locomotive. The fireman looking after the fire and valve settings. This all saved time and stopped the need to run round at stations.

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