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''March Whitemoor Openday in 2004'
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2004 Whitemoor open day
GBRf class 66715 at the Whitemoor open day
GBRf class 66715 at the Whitemoor open day  in 2004
On a Sunday in June 2004 I went to Network's Rails New Distribution Centre on the site of part of The Old Whitemoor Yard. The yard was once Europe biggest marshalling yard. This yard died in the 1980s and 1990s.
Just one year be for the then out of use Wisbech line, was all that was left of Whitemoor yard. Whitemoor Prison had been built on some of the land after the GN&GEJR line to Spalding had been closed.
Network Rail wagon MRA 501030
Network Rail wagon MRA 501030 on display at the Whitemoor open day
Whitemoor Yard with just the Wisbech line left
Whitemoor Yard with just the closed Wisbech line only left  befor work started on the new Depot.
The people in the new houses each side were hoping it was all going to be closed, but it never did close.
Work under way at Whitemoor
Work under way. Note the wooden hut and the point and the signal.
There is a new earth bank new track and much more
 Whitemoor yard on the day of the open day.
Whitemoor yard on the day of the open day.
The wooden hut and the signal  are about all that is the same in these three photos
Diggers and earth moving vehicles were still about. There was still much to do, and this was only just the first part of the yard. Getting it on line was the number one thing. A stone crushing plant Sleeper works and a depot for the engines were some of the things planed for the site .
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