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'Thuxston signal box'
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 Thuxston signal box
Thuxston signal box in April 2016
Thuxton signal box used to be located to the north of the station platforms in LNER days. This new box is now located to the south of the crossing gates. The old signal box here was removed some time be for 1955. The new box is based on the box at Shippea Hill on the line between Ely and Norwich. It has some of the bits from the box at East Winch. The railway used a ground frame till this box comes into use
Below are three photos taken while this box was being built.
This signalbox is very good, and every body who helped, needs thanking, for making a top rate job of it.
 Thuxton signal box being built on the 20th September 2013
Thuxton signal box being built on the 20th September 2013
Thuxton signal box in 2012
Thuxton signal box being built on the 21st September 2012
Thuxton signal box in March 2012
Thuxton signal box being built in March 2012, taken during the diesel gala.
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This page is about the Mid-Norfolk Railways new signal box at Thuxton 

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