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Yaxham signal box June 2012
Yaxham signal box on the 23rd June 2012
The box at Yaxham is a Great Eastern type 2 and was built in 1882. Although it does not have its 26 lever frame, it is the only original signal box, now on the Mid Norfolk Railway.
Yaxham station was built by the Norfolk Railway Company and opened for goods trafic in December 1846. Yaxham opened to passengers in February 1847. Yaxham station closed to goods traffic in 1964. Then in June 1965 Yaxham became an unstaffed halt. The the signal box was closed and the track was singled. The station closed to passengers in October 1969. The line then closed in 1989
The Mid Norfolk Railway trains,do not normaly stop at Yaxham to pick or set down passengers, as the station is in private hands. The owner lets the railway use the box to keep the gate keeper warm between trains. This is a nice little station, well done the owner of the station.
There is a small private 2 foot gauge railway Yaxham Light Railway next to Yaxham Station. The railway is on the left just behind the station.
Yaxham signal box and station in 2011
Yaxham box and gates and station in 2011
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